National frontal lobotomy

Matthew Collins - 11 07 13
Kevin McMahon:Another of the NF's brains trust

Kevin McMahon:Another of the NF’s brains trust

It’s not often we mention the National Front. It may be Britain’s longest serving hate organisation, but it does not do much other than tear into each other these days.

The NF still stands in elections, mainly to give the electorate something not to aim for. It is a horrible, nasty, worthless organisation.

It does however achieve spectacular election results; recently in Billericay East, their candidate Thomas Beaney, managed to get just 3 votes. That was only good news for Trisha Scott, as she managed 9 nine votes in Castle Ward in North Yorkshire for the party. This is despite ten people having to actually nominate the candidate!

Last week we wrote how serial sponge and splitter Eddy Morrison has rejoined the NF, causing the Chairman and membership secretary to quit. Following Morrison back into the NF is Simon Biggs, once of south London, but now of Newcastle.

Unfortunately, I happen to have known Simon quite well in a past life when he was in prison for burglary. He wrote to the NF promising to mend his ways and stop burgling white folk if we could just give him a political home. Not long afterwards, on a BNP demonstration in Tower Hamlets, “Biggsy” attacked a mix-raced couple with a beer glass.

For the last few years Biggs has been living with his wife in the North East and after a brief spell as the local organiser of the NF, left the party to set up the Northern Patriotic Front (NPF), a splinter group even more nasty and irrelevant than the NF.

Now with Morrison back pulling the strings in the NF, Biggs has joined a whole host of other leeches moving back into the party having spent the last couple of years hanging around the far-right trying to cause trouble.

The NPF has not reacted well to Simon Biggs leaving them. In a bitter attack on Biggs, the NPF kindly tell us that Biggs was only just recently convicted of stealing soil and plants from his local B&Q. (One wonders if it is the same B&Q that sacked their former toilet salesman and current British Democratic Party leader Kevin Scott?)

The NPF claim that Biggs uses the far-right to gain “money dishonestly for himself” and that his departure is actually good news for them.

“Biggsy”, not being blessed with the greatest of intellects, probably forgot to take the NPF’s membership files with him when he quit. Still, let’s hope the NPF has them somewhere safe. I seem to recall when he was in the NF back in the old days, he didn’t entirely stop burgling white folk when it was for the “good of the cause”.

Biggs (front): Leading the NPF in Sunderland last year

Biggs (front): Leading the NPF in Sunderland last year


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