BNP: Membership is down, everything is “perfect”.

Matthew Collins - 29 07 13
Cue the white elephant:

Cue the white elephant: “Clive, why did you change your name?”

Making the most of his last few months as an MEP, Nick Griffin has been filming videos for the BNP, from the reception area in the European parliament.

In the first of four new videos, Griffin interviews the BNP Treasurer Clive Jefferson, the coffin-chaser extraordinaire, who takes the credit for James Mole’s bookwork.

Jefferson and Griffin are waffling about how wonderful the most recent set of BNP accounts were, indeed as Griffin declares, “perfect”. For two years now, the BNP has been in the black (which is a most unfortunate term when dealing with swivel eyed racists’.) On this occasion it actually is good news for them, as it means they have got away without paying the vast majority of their debts.

Not only did the auditor of the BNP’s accounts pass the accounts, they made no recommendations either. This, according to Jefferson, is a good thing. For the BNP’s auditors’ it probably just means they thought to themselves ‘what’s the point?’

One truth that is finally out about the BNP, is that their membership figure is now officially below 5000.

We’ve been aware of that, and saying it for two years ourselves. Not only is the BNP’s membership below 5000, it is actually not accurately reflected even in the figure of 4872 that the BNP submitted in its accounts.

The actual number of those “members” still actively engaging with the party is just under 2000. The rest of the number are life members, family memberships, people who are lapsed or have not paid their dues and other novely burdens the party has been desperately wishing it could dump since the wheels came off the party in 2011.

For the next twelve months the BNP will be desperately trying to get Griffin re-elected to the European Parliament. All of their salaries depend upon it.

Still, that has not stopped a number of BNP staff searching for new jobs already. One who probably won’t be having much luck in a search for a new job, is Adam Walker.

Walker is desperately hoping he’ll be chosen as the BNP’s candidate for the Yorkshire & Humberside seat and hoping that somehow, he also gets elected.

He won’t be too happy to hear that the party Treasurer has set aside £0.00 to help him do just that, because they’re still £400,000 in debt

James Mole: The shy, retiring type

James Mole: The shy, retiring type


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