The stench of Nazi curry

Matthew Collins - 13 08 13
Griffin: makes a good porky curry

Griffin: makes a good porky curry

Old Nick Griffin’s been out for a drive in the West Midlands, and he is not happy.

According to Nick, he can smell BBQ in “our parts” and curry in “theirs.” I do wonder who this magical “our” is. Certainly it cannot be the BNP, as their “our” is most likely just a tiny phone box, and it would be impossible to have a barbecue in a phone box.

And who could be the “theirs”? Well, as it is Britain’s most popular dish, it could be just about anyone who is not in the 4872 politically challenged BNP membership.

According to Griffin, the smell of curry is the “stench of occupation”. Of course, if it was the stench of sauerkraut, Griffin may have found that slightly more palatable. Who knows?

Of course, Griffin has a bit of history with curry. The last time he went for a sneaky chicken Korma, down in Kent, the glamour model who purchased it for him found him waiting excitedly, by all accounts, to such an extent he flashed at her!

But never fear. Griffin apparently makes a good curry. Maybe he could he get a job delivering them when he’s out of a job next year.

The tweet

The tweet


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