EDL liars’ plan Scandinavian visit

Matthew Collins - 30 08 13
Gruesome Twosome: Trouble will follow

Gruesome Twosome: Trouble will follow

The twin evils behind the English Defence League, serial liars Stephen Lennon and his cousin Kevin Carroll, are planning a speaking tour of Scandinavia next month.

For Lennon, it will be his first trip out of the UK since his ill-fated trip to the US landed him in prison for using a false passport. For Carroll, it will be another opportunity for a wild drinking binge.

The two are guests of the Swedish Free Press Society and Dispatch International, front groups for Islamophobes. The aim of the tour is to rubbish allegations in the British press that the EDL are “football hooligans and despicable racists.”

Despite the fact Lennon is a fraudster, a thug a convicted football hooligan and a liar, he will no doubt be presented as some kind of freedom fighter. Carroll will no doubt wear some kind of crucifix around his neck for the trip. Both will be bladdered.

The tour starts in Malmo Sweden on September 28 before moving to Copenhagen in Denmark the next day. Whether the pair even dare show their faces in Norway remains to be seen.

The last time the two went to Sweden, their old friend Paul “Posh Spice” Weston got so drunk, he thought he had been mugged.

Weston is not on the invite list for this trip, but what is guaranteed is that the pair will face an uphill task to be heard over the antifascist noise that will follow them.

Free Press: We call it a piss-up

Free Press: We call it a piss-up


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