Anita falls on Adam’s sword

Matthew Collins - 08 09 13
Cooper & Walker:

Cooper & Walker:

Few people admire the sterling work Adam Walker has done for the British National Party more than us here at Hope Not Hate. We were hoping that one day he would even be chairman of the party. Alas, not everyone in the BNP is so enamoured with him.

Since his driving ban and then his teaching ban, Adam has become somewhat of a recluse, rarely leaving the house if it could be avoided, rarely venturing into the regions he is supposed to control for the BNP in his various party capacities as researcher, manager, good-time guy and organiser.

Adam’s currently banned from teaching children for life as a result of an incident he had with some young boys last year. Despite a desperate appeal to the BNP membership for financial help in fighting the ban, it appears few people bothered to even empty their lint into the collection tin. Poor Adam.

The one thing that was keeping Adam “going” (if that is what you could call it) was the hope that he would lead the BNP’s candidates in the Yorkshire & Humberside region in next year’s European Elections. In effect, as unlikely as it seems, he would have had a slim chance of being an MEP. The region elected Andrew Brons from the BNP as an MEP in 2009, though he left the party last year, mainly because of the antics of people like Adam.

Now it appears that having fallen foul of almost every other BNP employee, the party has enacted its revenge on Adam by denying him his most sought after prize. We’ve just heard that Adam Walker will not be the BNP’s number one candidate in Yorkshire for the European Elections. To make matters worse, that honour has gone to the Holocaust ignorant, poet and pensioner Marlene Guest . That should give you some idea as to just how unpopular Adam is with his colleagues.

Now, Adam is hurt. According to one of our friends in the North East, he is in fact, apoplectic. If he was employable anywhere else, anywhere where you did not require a CRB check for instance, he would have upped and left the BNP immediately. Instead, he took it on the chin and took himself off into a dark corner to sulk.

Step forward Anita “Mrs BNP” Cooper, a party apparatchik from the North East, who was supposed to be chauffering Adam around during his driving ban until she wrote off her car in an accident. That was not very helpful of her. So, she has decided to fall on Adam’s sword for him. He will be grateful.

Anita is quitting the party in apparent disgust at the jealousy that has stopped Adam’s dream meal ticket becoming a reality. Not only that, she was at “the top” too, according to herself. The top of what we have no idea.

For us, it is a disaster of sorts too. When Adam was planning to stand for leader a couple of year’s ago in anticipation of Griffin retiring, it was only our vote, Adam’s vote and Anita’s vote we could rely on.

So much for best made plans…

At the top: They're still laughing about that claim in Wigton

At the top: They’re still laughing about that claim in Wigton


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