A little bit of truth about Lennon’s shopping trip

Matthew Collins - 19 09 13
Lennon: A joy to serve?

Lennon: A joy to serve?

A Selfridges sales associate of seven years standing has disputed the EDL leader’s account of the events that led to him refusing to serve a friend of the EDL leader. The incident led to his subsequent suspension whilst Selfridges launched an internal investigation over the incident on Monday.

Selfridges has lifted the suspension after ublic outcry and social media pressure.

The trade union USDAW, who represent the Sales Associate, claim that their member had only refused to serve Stephen Lennon’s friend and then only because of alleged abuse “being directed at him by the customer”. The sales associate also insists that he had not sworn himself.

USDAW added to their statement “Our member strongly maintains that he only refused to serve because of the abuse being directed at him by the customer and he did not swear in the exchange.

“The shopworker concerned is an Usdaw member and we are providing support and representation. We welcome Selfridges’ decision to lift the suspension and we will continue to support our member on his return to work.”

Stephen Lennon, who uses the name Tommy Robinson due to his extensive criminal activities which include fraud and violence, had initially been rewarded with a three course steak dinner and an apology from Selfridges after claiming that his friend had been told to “f*** off” on Monday, whilst visiting the Oxford Street store in London to buy a pair of designer jeans.

The EDL leader filmed the incident on his mobile phone and can be heard saying: “You won’t serve my friend because he’s friends with me… and I’m in the EDL.” The assistant is shown replying: “You can put me on the camera all you want mate, but I’m not serving you,” before the arrival of a colleague and a member of security staff who instructed Lennon to “Stop Filming”.

The Times newspaper ran a story (whose source appears to be Mr Lennon) backing Lennon’s claims and with a supporting statement from Selfridges claiming that they were “disappointed” with regard to the incident involving the EDL’s criminal leader as they pridethemselves  on “welcoming everybody”.

A spokesperson for the Times newspaper who ran Lennon’s original version of events in an online edition on Tuesday afternoon, stated that they would not be running an update on the story with a correction as acording to them, the story is now “dead” .


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