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Matthew Collins - 23 09 13
Lennon: Cartoon character in search of cartoon page

Lennon: Cartoon character in search of cartoon page

Big news over the weekend when we learned that the EDL leader had turned up outside the home of former X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos. Horrified to find the compressed thug at her gates, Tulisa by all accounts, bolted, or according to the more up market newspapers, she was “driven out” by the appearance of the EDL leader outside her home.

Stephen Lennon, who is the EDL leader despite using the name Tommy Robinson for his criminal and thuggish activities, claimed he was filming a documentary outside of Contostavlos’s home and had no idea who was inside. It’s a likely story.

Some say he was actually trying to find the home of rival fascist boss Paul Pitt, who leads the breakaway South East Alliance (SEA), some are suggesting something more sinister.

Contostavlos was forced off X Factor after her highly publicised drugs arrest earlier this year when she was questioned over an alleged £800 drug deal. Lennon of course, actually does have drug convictions. So, who knows what he was trying to do. He does have a habit of getting himself photographed with unsuspecting celebrities, just as he also has a habit of getting arrested for drug related actitivties.

Whatever it is that Lennon was up to, he had better start digging deep. He could be about to be billed for wasting police time in Sheffield last weekend. Given that the pub the EDL was protesting about is actually not going to be a Mosque, South Yorkshire Police are billing him for their time. One can expect Bradford Council and West Yorkshire police to do pretty much the same.

Given that Lennon is currenty doing lot of sponsored walks to raise funds for the EDL, he’ll need all of the marching powder he can get his hands on to raise enough funds to pay this one off.

Elsewhere, in Blackburn to be precise, the animal murderer John Snowy Shaw made an appearance at a demonstration by the drug gang that goes by the name of the “Infidels”. Snowy told the 58 asembled race haters there that the way forward now for this gang is “Leaderless Resistance”. Those unfimiliar with the term should probably google it, where they’ll find a few other names from the dim and distant past who were also working for the state and encouraging such nonsense.


Snowy: "Do as I say, I'm on a nice little earner"

Snowy: “Do as I say, I’m on a nice little earner”


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