Jack’s unhappy

Matthew Collins - 30 09 13
Jack: Not taking Tasha for a curry any time soon

Jack: Not taking Tasha for a curry any time soon

Despite having the firm hand of his Fuhrer ruffling his hair at the BNP conference in Blackpool over the weekend, Jack Renshaw was by all accounts furious that Hope Not Hate tipped off a Socialist student society at Manchester Metropolitan University over his planned infiltration of the group.

Jack claims it could lead to his being attacked by members of the society! The truth is however, we tipped off the group because Jack is a member of a political party that has a history of gathering details of people that is does not like for the very purpose of physically assaulting them.

He also complained that the student accomodation he has moved to “would be in the Muslim area of Manchester…”

It’s actually more likely, again, given his party’s history of attacking Muslims, that it’s the community where he lives that should be concerned. Obviously, we’re not going to give the exact location where he lives, but as Jack has already been questioned once before by officers from the counter terrorist unit, it’s pretty certain they will not be overly happy with him living there either.

If anyone doubts the reasons for the continuing vigilance against fascists like Jack and his party, one only has to look at the activities of the moronic but dangerous drug gang, North West Infidels. Seven of the gang were jailed last week for a vicious assault on a father and his two sons in Liverpool last year.

The gang has a long history of drug and drink fuelled violence against innocent people. BNP leader Nick Griffin described them as “good people” upon hearing of their convictions.

What a vile party Jack belongs to.


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