Guramit Looks To Hand Himself In To Police

Matthew Collins - 04 10 13
Guramit With EDL Leader Lennon

Guramit With EDL Leader Lennon

Last week we posted that Guramit Singh Kalirai, a former leading figure with the English Defence League was on the run after being convicted of a violent robbery.

Guramit Singh Kalirai with two accomplices tied up a shop assistant and threatened to slash his throat in an attempted robbery at a Hydroponic shop in Hucknall, Notts.

Kalirai absconded before the start of the trial and was sentenced to six-and-a-half-years in prison in his absence. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

We believed his EDL activities had come to an end after he became a hate figure for some sections of the far right but this appears to be not the case.

Guramit has secretly continued to be heavily involved with the EDL leadership; in fact he has secretly been in charge of their official Twitter account as recently as March 2013.

Speaking to the BBC, EDL leader Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Lennon attempted to distance himself and the EDL from the fugitive, claiming that he was no longer active with the far right organisation.

However, Guramit met up with Lennon and Kevin Carroll in Luton shortly before going on the run.

We can now reveal that Guramit Singh Kalirai is intending to hand himself into police after posting a lengthy message on his personal Facebook page.

Singh wrote:

“As you all probably already know,Im wanted by the police for a crime committed in Nottingham I had no involvement with, the judge recently sentenced to me in my absence to 6 and a half years for attempted robbery of a hydroponics shop (of which I would have to serve 3 years and 3 months)

One of the persons involved in this ‘David Mura’ is a good friend of mine, and after hearing of his remand after the incident I had full confirmation from friends it was himself involved, ‘Andrew wheelhouse’ also a very good friend of mine I know for a 100% fact was not involved, like myself.

The victim and 6 witnesses involved in this case were all asked to I.D myself while viewing pictures of me on a computer screen, the same picture the police and the left have been tirelessly blogging, ALL 7 CONFIRMED TO THE POLICE THAT IT WAS NOT ME THAT ATTEMPTED TO ROB THE STORE.

My fingerprint’s were found on some duck tape Mr Mura used, Mr Mura gave me lifts on a daily basis, as i’m not driving, in his work van which I can confirm I have handled on a daily basis to move into the back of the van so I can make room to sit in the front along with other tools and building accessories.

My fingerprints were also found inside the premises which I can also confirm I have visited on numerous occasions with a friend of mine including Mr Mura.

I had witnesses to come to court to testify I had been to the shop with them before, and that on the day of the crime I was with them, due to police intimidation, these witnesses back out, I fully accept this, I wouldn’t want my friends getting into trouble on my behalf.

When this came to light and my solicitor also confirming the police are playing a very harsh game with me for whatever reason, I decided to not turn up to the trial knowing this was not going to be a fair outcome. There was no way I would of been able to sort out new legal representation from behind bars.

I am currently seeking new legal representation down south, i’m in the middle of talks with a few barristers that think they can definitely help me once I hand myself in, this has been a point made very clear to me.

I have been in contact with metropolitan police and have agreed to hand myself in the second my new legal representation is put in place.

Id like to apologise to my family and my friends, and their family’s that I hold in high regard, I never meant for anything like this to ever happen to me, I’ve always tried my hardest to keep my nose clean, and id like to say thank you for all your support, its been nearly 3 weeks since I’ve had contact with them and its very hard for me as i’m used to speaking and meeting them on a daily basis, this has been the first time in my life I haven’t hugged my mother or brother for such a long time, we usually meet everyday, I have a strong family bond, quicker I hand myself in the quicker I know they can visit and finally see me.

At times like this you know who the real ones are around you and who are the fake ones, thanks for all the support from the genuine ones in my life, and up yours to the ones talking bollocks about me, from the local pubs to the blog sites of the left, before you point and judge me make sure your own hands are clean, your civilisation is under threat and I seem to be the topic of your gossip, you should be ashamed.

God Bless

Mr Guramit Singh Kalirai”


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