The return of crash-test Eddie

Matthew Collins - 07 10 13
Playmates: Stampton (Left) and NBU Chief Raikes last weekend

Playmates: Stampton (Left) and NBU Chief Raikes last weekend

There’s a lot of tiny Nazi organisations in this country at the moment and few of them get along with each other. It makes you wonder who could have thought that Hitler would ever be such a divisive figure?

Still, rather than spend hours wondering what goes on behind their closed doors when their Mothers are out and the television has nothing but lots of apparent multicultural and Communist propaganda on like cooking shows, Country File and Match of the Day, we send along Eddie Stanton to find out.

Sometimes Edwyn likes to be known as Edwyn Stampton or Eddie Stampton or Edwyn Stanton. Sometimes he’s also known as Mark Pringle. Variety would be the spice of his life except for its obvious ethnic connotations.

Edwyn’s been around the Nazi movement in this country for years and years, since he was knee-high to an Aryan grasshopper. Whilst most kids were dressing up as cowboys or Indians, Edwyn was donning a large pair of black boots and dressing up like a complete idiot to stand with a swastika flag on street corners in East London. He made his name by hanging around with the hard-men he so liked in the British Movement like Nicky Crane, who treated Edwyn like his own personal errand boy.

Later, Edwyn moved from the British Movement to the National Front (NF) then onto the British National Party (BNP) and then Combat 18, Blood and Honour, the White Nationalist Party, the British People’s Party, the National Front (again), Prison (for violently assaulting his partner), the EDL,The South East Alliance (SEA), English National Resistance (ENR), and probably some groups that even we have not heard of yet.

He has not been known for his popularity. He was chased away from a Loyalist pub in Southport a couple of years ago over a financial transaction that went rather awry. He is also accused of ripping off fellow Aryan maestro Kevin Watmough, after a short lived badge-selling venture the two had to maintain their recreational activities ended up with Edwyn taking all of the cash from Nazi badge sales and keeping the recreational materials for his own pleasure.

The South East Alliance (SEA) had to dump him earlier this year after one drunken incident, where Edwyn got a little bit too lippy with a highly placed Scottish Loyalist who was on a visit to London and in the company of a London based Loyalist who knew Edwyn from a long way back.

We thought there was nowhere left for our Edwyn to go on the far-right. Certainly, organising Blood and Honour gigs has not been his forte. He claimed to people that he had just sold a large house that he owned in Wandsworth, but in reality, he neither sold or owned Wandsworth Prison from where he was released after viciously assaulting his girl friend.

We’re now pleased to announce Edwyn has a found a temporary new political home. And a home where you can wear whatever you want. Edwyn has finally made friends with the New British Union (NBU) who love to dress up and park cars dressed like idiots.

Edwyn was a special guest of the NBU at their conference on the weekend. Let’s hope nobody parted with their cash without receiving their goods first.

Well done Edwyn and Gary. May your three weeks of friendship bring you both what you so richly deserve.

NBU: The conference waited for Mr Benn to appear

NBU: The conference waited for Mr Benn to appear


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