EDL name a new leader, same old cash queries remain

Matthew Collins - 10 10 13
Tim Ablitt: Another one with a liking for cheap t-shirts

Tim Ablitt: Another one with a liking for cheap t-shirts

After the heartbreaking news that broke on Tuesday and left the EDL in mourning, those left behind to fester on their lonesome as extremists are now experiencing feelings of bitter resentment.

Their slavish devotion to the career criminal Stephen Lennon has left their pockets empty.

Last night, EDL regional organisers gathered around their
laptops and thrashed out the difficult question of who will become the
new figure head of an organisation that is dying on its knees. It was one of those skype conversations that had more burps than three syllable words.

They had expected Stephen Lennon and Kevin Carroll to join the conversation. They really are dim, aren’t they? Neither bothered, unsurprisingly.

The outcome was that the regional organisers shall form a committee with
Tim Ablitt as its chairman. If they can keep it together long enough, they’ll have another chat about their future before the end of the month.

Tim Ablitt is an interesting choice as for what for all intents and
purposes is the new leader of the EDL. Hope not Hate have written about
him previously, when he was an organiser of the short-lived EDL political front, British Freedom Party.

Ablitt’s trump card was that he held a key role in the EDL’s merchandising arm. He probably forgot to mention last night that his company NRNLS is currently under threat of being struck off by Companies House.

While Ablitt was donning the death mask that is the leadership of the dwindling gang of racist thugs, Nazis and would-be terrorists that is the EDL, others have been talking about becoming a fully fledged paramilitary group.

Given that his music career has gone down the pan, I guess that is the last really viable option for a loser like Alex Clowes of “Alex and the Bandits” infamy.

And Mr Abblitt, we’ll take you up on your offer. You know the details…


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