Nick Griffin wants to mend your broken heart…

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Griffin: Trading in broken hearts and Nazi tat

Griffin: Trading in broken hearts and Nazi tat

Well, only if you’re feeling let down by Stephen Lennon leaving the English Defence League (EDL), that is.

Griffin was being interviewed by Adam Walker for BNPTV when he appealed to the EDL’s remaining “scum” (as described by Lennon) to join the BNP.

Walker, probably being over taxed having to do some work-even if the questions were written down for him, lauded Griffin for his years of failure in the British far-right. Walker, banned from teaching for chasing young boys down the street and slashing their bicycle tyres with a knife, even told Griffin apropos Griffin losing his job as an MEP next year, how he wants to knock the heads off of people who did not vote BNP.

Moving swiftly on, Walker then claimed that after years of far-right activity, Griffin has made “virtually nothing” from his time in the far-right. Some BNP ex-members may wish to remind Adam of the extension on Griffin’s home paid for by the BNP and the fact that he managed to get almost his entire family on the party pay roll doing jobs that members used to do voluntarily.

Griffin of course, talking about Lennon’s departure from the EDL, claimed that Lennon’s 5% in a recent “who speaks for England” poll would now be his 5% (giving him a perplexing 11% in BNP world), but most of all it’s the money that Griffin wants:

Claiming that Lennon was now working with “fake moderate Muslims” and leaving his followers “broken hearted”, Griffin described Lennon as previously having “some style” and “union jack socks”, before launching into a tirade about how much money Lennon made from EDL merchandise.

It’s not Lennon’s 5% he’s after at all, it’s the thousands and thousands of pounds that people believe Lennon and his cousin Kevin Carroll squirreled away in cash from the sale of EDL merchandise.

So maybe Griffin will be opening a market stall flogging EDL merchandise when he loses his job as an MEP.

Bu Nick, no amount of tatty merchandise can mend a broken heart, but in the words of the Barking Bard “you can put the hoover ’round if you want to make a start”.


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