Polish Extremist Comes To UK

Matthew Collins - 23 10 13

A Polish extremist linked to homophobia and anti-Semitism will embark on a speaking tour of the UK starting tomorrow Hope not Hate can reveal.

Robert Winnicki in conjunction with a UK based right wing Polish organisation Patriae Fidelis will take part in a 4 date tour of the UK, starting tomorrow in Cambridge.

Winnicki is the honorary president of Młodzież Wszechpolska (MW) which translates as The All Polish Youth Movement, an organisation that has been widely condemned as homophobic by various organisations including Amnesty International,Human Rights Watch as well as a number of Gay Rights organisations such as OutRage! and the Polish Campaign Against Homophobia.

The United Nations have also condemned MW describing them as an “extremist homophobic grouping”

MW have gained notoriety due to their staunch opposition of abortion and homosexuality with their opposition leading to violent clashes with Pro-choice and Gay Rights demonstrators.

In 2004, 2005, and 2006, members of MW violently attacked people who were taking part in pro-gay demonstrations, throwing eggs, bottles and stones at them, and were reported to have shouted “Send the fags to the hospital”, “Perverts, get out of Kraków”, “Let’s gas the fags” and “We’ll do to you what Hitler did to the Jews”.

In April, MW said a historian’s claims that Jews helped perpetrate the Holocaust were “factual” and “necessary.” Winnicki, speaking about controversial historian Krzysztof Jasiewicz said that his claims were “far from politically correct but his statements are supported by historical facts”.

In 2006, Polish authorities launched an investigation after a video recording from a party was leaked to the Polish press. In the video, MW members were seen mixing with Neo-Nazi skinheads, listening to Neo-Nazi bands, and saluting the swastika.

MW was formed in 1922 as an idealogical youth organisation with extreme nationalistic tendencies.It openly praised Hitler, Mussolini and favoured economically boycotting Jews, limiting their access to education and actively campaigned for segregation.

It is known that BNP chairman Nick Griffin is also a fan of Robert Winnicki.

Winnicki will be in Cambridge, Thursday evening at The Polonia Club, Friday at The Old College, Aberystwyth, Saturday in Bristol at the Polish Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady Of Mercy and finally Sunday sees Winnicki speak in London at the Polish Catholic Centre in Putney.



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