An introduction to Wayne’s world. It requires no further investigation, apparently.

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Wayne Hornby (right): Did the police miss his tattoos?

Wayne Hornby (right): Did the police miss his tattoos?

Meet Wayne Hornby. Last Sunday night Wayne had just left the Spotted Dog pub in Barking when he became involved in an altercation on the bus with men that he believes to be Romanian Gypsies, or Roma.

He was accused of being racist to a woman on the bus just before the incident started. He has denied being racist at that time and at any time since. He says he is not a racist. He says he is the victim in this case, and it appears that the police from Barking have given him the benefit of the doubt.

Indeed, there’s nothing wrong with giving the benefit of the doubt to people, even seemingly unpleasant people who were just leaving the favourite watering hole of both the BNP and the EDL in Barking. Even unpleasant people can be caught up and be the victims of an assault.

Of course, the police may not have seen the swastika tattoo on Wayne’s hand, or been privy to Wayne’s personal thoughts, which he has kindly shared on social media too. This youtube video is quite revealing to say the least.

But, Wayne has told the police that he is a peace loving individual who just goes around town minding his own business and wishing no harm on anybody.

It appears, then, that there is nothing to see here. A man with Nazi tattoos (including the name of a Nazi terror group) on his body is the victim of an assault by bloody foreigners. It happens all of the time, apparently. It requires no further investigation.

Move along please.

Nothing to see here on Wayne's arm, either despite the broken thumb

Nothing to see here on Wayne’s arm, either despite the broken thumb


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