Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 01 11 13
Wayne's World: Ready for a race war

Wayne’s World: Ready for a race war

The far-right; the smaller they get, the more (if possible) vile they become. Take Nick Griffin (please, somebody..). He’s had a long standing hatred for the memory of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence. Even in death, Lawrence cannot escape the attentions of sick racists like Griffin.

Yesterday, newspapers reported how some followers of Charlton Athletic were convicted and sentenced for singing songs about the killers of Lawrence while travelling on the London Underground.

The men, aged between 22 and 31, were convicted of causing racially aggravated fear of violence after witnesses complained of sexual and racially motivated abuse. As well as Griffin’s little regard for the victims of racist violence, we’re also aware how little regard the BNP has for victims of sexual assault, rape and violence.

Maintaining the BNP’s and Griffin’s theme of sexual and racial vulgarity, Griffin described the decision as “pussification” of “football fans” and as a result, the “suppression of white working class continues.”

Given that Herr Griffin and the BNP do not even support the England football team because it has too many black footballers, he is hardly one to comment on English football. And as for the “working class”, even his own Mother-in- Law is on record describing his own work ethic as less than exemplary. When Griffin is on the dole next year, one does expect to see him confronted by a host of what will become his former employees and sycophants demanding to know who robbed the family silver on an episode of Jeremy Kyle.

Is it any wonder decent people, working class people, do not want the BNP to work anywhere near their children? Aware of this, the BNP’s Pete Molloy has been very upset that we have exposed him again, working with vulnerable young minds.

So secretive is Molloy when it comes to letting people know of his dubious political affiliations, one wonders whether he has been entirely honest with the Metropolitan Police about who is really behind his planned demonstration outside of the Old Bailey when the alleged killers of Lee Rigby appear there. No doubt the BNP will be shaking their tins and buckets to con unsuspecting members of the public out of a few extra quid.

Also conning the Metropolitan Police this week has been Wayne Hornby, the self-declared non-racist, non-violent Nazi who has been planning to carry out racist attacks in Barking.

Another individual who will probably not be allowed near children in the near future, is Darren Clift who pleaded guilty yesterday to a charge of stirring up racial hatred. Clifft may have changed his name to Christopher Philips, but surely he will no longer be allowed to teach children martial arts in the Midlands anymore? We’ll wait and see.

The BNP will be out in Blackpool tomorrow, once more trying to cash-in on the unfortunate life of Charlene Downes. Charlene’s mother, Karen, a regular at BNP meetings where there is a buffet and booze, may be popular with Nick Griffin, but it appears not everyone else feels the same.

The police have just announced they are reopening their investigation into Charlene’s murder in a case where the teenager was “let down by everyone from her parents to the police,” according to the Times. This will be an interesting investigation.

Downes (bottom right): Kept at arms length,normaly

Downes (bottom right): Kept at arms length,normaly


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