Bad news Eddie tries to squeeze another dime out of the movement…

Matthew Collins - 05 11 13
Nazi stud for hire: Stampton, who beat his girlfriend in to a coma

Nazi stud for hire: Stampton, who beat his girlfriend in to a coma

Eddie Stampton is a long time Nazi. Not a popular one, as he has been kicked out of every group he has ever been involved in since about 1982.

He recently had a spell in prison for beating his girlfriend to within an inch of her life, but it is not for that Mr Stampton is so unpopular.

Like most of our illustrious far-right, it all comes down to drugs, booze and cash. Stampton like all three, but sadly never has any. It’s one of the reasons that he was driven out of the EDL splinter group the South East Alliance (SEA).

When it was Eddie’s turn to buy the round, he did a runner, and apparently took some of their money with him.

Now he’s trying to send cash to Gary Dobson, one of the two men jailed for the murder of Stephen Lawrence. The person who tipped us off, one of Eddie’s former colleagues, tells us that Eddie has hatched a scheme to collect money for Dobson and well, history dictates the rest…

As well as wanting to cash in on Dobson’s infamy, Stampton has been selling badges, buckles and by all accounts his body, to try and keep himself in a life style that he could never become acustomed to.

This Saturday, Stampton will be trying to raise some more beer money for himself by holding a demonstration in support of Golden Dawn outside of the Greek Embassy.

Is it a wonder he complains his probation officer does not like him?

For sale: Badges and membership lists

For sale: Badges and membership lists


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