Another Greek tragedy..

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Rushton (Left) with the wannabe lady killer, Stampton

Rushton (Left) with the wannabe lady killer, Stampton

A fine collection of racists, fascists and idiots were outside of the Greek Embassy on Saturday to show support for the Greek neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn.

As well as men with swastikas tattooed on their arms, necks and faces, Peter Rushton was there in his capacity as lackey for the Iranian government and Holocaust denial in general. It gives you an idea of the sort of people Golden Dawn attracts.

The demonstration, which numbered 35 in total, attracted some of the weirdest of the British far-right, including the BNP’s Kevin Layzell who hid under a table in a pub when antifascists turned up at the redirection point. This is of course, not long after Layzell had been shouting abuse at antifascists when he thought he had greater numbers on his side.

Paul Prodromou, now using his Hellenic name when the circumstances dictate, gave support from the diminishing gang of racists he runs in Essex called the South East Alliance (SEA).

The biggest card of the day was Eddie Stampton who announced he was forming “New Dawn” a group to support Golden Dawn in the UK. This should go well, Stampton is believed to have absconded from an appointment with restorative justice, which we understand he has to fulfil on account of nearly beating his former lover to death after another of his infamous drinking sessions.

Word is that Eddie is hoping to be sent back to prison anyway. His comments about the passing for former Chelsea “Headhunter” Chris “Chubby” Henderson over the weekend have upset some people it would be best to avoid.

Stampton told one journalist that he and his Australian parrot Piers Mellor were forming “New Dawn” due to the “state of fragmentation, in-fighting and general confusion” on the far-right.

That and the fact that Stampton owes the rest of it money.

Keep up the good work, lads.

A not very flash mob

A not very flash mob


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