Nazi grief tourist soils Woolwich

Matthew Collins - 17 11 13
Shaw: A sick opportunist and grief tourist

Shaw: A sick opportunist and grief tourist

Many of our readers will be aware of the name of John “Snowy” Shaw.

Shaw is the violent crack addict who left animals on his farm to die in agonising pain while he was out drinking and taking drugs with his friends in the “Infidels”, the breakway group from the EDL.

The last time he was seen, earlier this year, Shaw was telling half a dozen of his followers that he wanted to take his organising “undeground” so that he could strike against the state. He then went to the pub.

As well as promoting his government-sponsored fantasies, Shaw is a well known Jew hater and Holocaust denier. He has attached himself to the cause of Ulster Loyalism at a time when Ulster Loyalists are bitterly trying to drive drug dealers and fascist fantasists out of their communities.

How the perenially unemployed and drug addled moron that is Shaw manages to finance so many trips to Northern Ireland is probably not going to trouble the  next winner of Mastermind.

Shaw used to like to run around his farm in North Yorkshire dressed in combat fatigues whilst shooting at rabbits and pretending that he was some kind of paramilitary hard man. He missed his opportunity to actually serve Queen and Country in Northern Ireland, when his Mother told him to stay at home as it was too dangerous for little Johnny to go over the water.

Today, Shaw turned up in Woolwich to lay a wreath in memory of Drummer Lee Rigby, the British soldier murdered on the streets of London earlier this year.

Shaw was part of a group of drunks, wasters and racist thugs who were in Woolwich under the banner of the South East Alliance (SEA) and English Volunteer Force (EVF).

Shaw, who has never seen any military service let alone a day’s hard work, laid a wreath outside of Woolwich army barracks on behalf of the “officers and members” of the “Ulster Defence Union”, a group apparently detached from the mainstream Ulster Defence Association (UDA) mainly on account of their association with people the calibre of Shaw.

What a disgrace people like Shaw are. Shame on them. Shame on them for their racism, their grief tourism and their sick opportunism.


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