Griffin over Moscow

Matthew Collins - 28 11 13
Pogrom – Greek nazi band

Pogrom – Greek nazi band

BNP boss Nick Griffin’s national socialist fixations have been showing again, this time evidenced by his junket to Moscow yesterday for a collective bleating session about the Greek government’s crackdown on his new-found pals in the nazi Golden Dawn party.

It appears that not everything was to his taste, however, as he couldn’t resist tweeting that he had been on a “horrible overnight flight.” It would be good to know who paid for the exalted Leader to be so reduced to such discomfort. Not him, we bet!

What was the Griffaloon doing just west of the Urals? We thought we’d let an internal page on the website of convicted Italian fascist terrorist Roberto Fiore explain. After all, it’s from the horse’s mouth (no offence to horses intended).

The Italian fascist statement says with customary pomposity: “On November 27, Russky Vestnik (The Russian Messenger) will hold a conference in the Slavinskaja Hall, Moscow, on the theme of “the limitation of freedoms in Western Europe.”

“The conference is organised by Russian experts and will host speeches from European politicians such as Roberto Fiore, a former MEP and leader of Forza Nuova; Nicholas Griffin, MEP and leader of the British National Party and the Greek Golden Dawn MP Matthaiopoulos”. It appears they – both Fiore and Griffin – did not know Matthaiopoulos’ has a first name, Artemis.

That was left out as was the fact that young Artemis has a certain measure of hardcore nazi “form”, not least the fact that he was also a “punk” musician who once sang about burning down the Greek parliament.

His band, for which he featured as bass guitarist, was the charmingly named Pogrom and was notorious for vicious racist lyrics. Among the songs that this mob performed was one titled “Auschwitz”, which contains – inter alia – the lines “F*** Wiesenthal. F*** Anne Frank. F*** the whole tribe of Abraham. The Star of David makes me vomit.”

As the Times reported last year” “The band’s best-known song is called “Speak Greek or Die”, an overt threat to immigrants coming to Greece, with the lyrics: “You come to our country, you don’t have any work, you’re starving, you bums, and you eat children, you speak Russian, you speak Albanian, but now you will speak proper Greek. Speak Greek or die, speak Greek or die.”

Matthaiopoulos’ new career may be seen as surprising as one song in his repertoire called “A Stroll in Parliament” includes the lyrics: “I’m going to go into the Parliament and I’ll burn it all down.”

Matthaiopoulos, incidentally, was the second nazi raver to warm a bench for Golden Dawn in the Greek parliament. The other is the thug George Germenis, who goes by the stage name Kaiadas; after the chasm where Ancient Spartans were said to have hurled their defective babies.

This “hero” led a black-clad crew of steroid-inflated Golden Dawn louts to an open-air market near Athens to smash the stalls of unlicensed migrant peddlers in September 2012. In an earlier incident, he was arrested for punching a 12-year-old girl.

Matthaiopoulos is reported to be a “close friend” of the daughter of the porcine Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos, whose wife is also in Parliament, and who is currently in a prison cell, facing a charge sheet that includes belonging to a criminal organisation, murder, extortion, and involvement in the disappearance of up to 100 immigrants.

It was alongside such intellectual luminaries as the nazi Matthaiopoulos, the fascist Fiore and the Russian nationalists of Russky Vestnik that the BNP’s bloated and bumptious boss sat to consider “The problems arising from the promotion of a law which criminalises ‘homophobia’, thus limiting individual and family rights and the repression and persecution of political movements inspired by nationalist, populist and Christian beliefs.”

“In this sense,” the Italian fascists’ statement went on, “Greece is especially important and the case of Golden Dawn will be considered in detail.”

Other items on the agenda were “The prosecution of revisionist historians and researchers for so-called “crimes against history’” and “World Health Organisation directives asking national governments to introduce sex education classes from primary school, thus justifying de facto paedophile behaviours” .The mind can only boggle at the pearls of wisdom this agenda will have generated.

As the BNP’s star rapidly fades and Griffin faces personal and party wipe-out by UKIP, he is returning to what he knows best: unashamed, unapologetic extremism and finding comfort surrounded by Europe’s most extreme fascists and nazis.

We just hope Fiore and Matthaiopoulos didn’t order a curry…

Artemis and flag

Artemis and flag


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