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The NF: Enjoying Xmas in South Wales

The NF: Enjoying Xmas in South Wales

Back in July we welcomed the return to Nazi politics of Eddy Morrison, a long time figure of fun for antifascists, who has split more political parties than he has had days sober.

If there has been say, one hundred post war fascist parties and hate groups in the country, Morrison has been a member of at least seventy of them, split and quit about fifty of them and led about ten of them.

Like an England batting collapse, you can always rely on Morrison. With Morrison comes a whole heap of baggage and a whole heap of promises never to do whatever it was he did in his last group, again.

He also brings with him his friends, a sort of low grade collection of drunken intellectual dwarves and bed-wetters, who like Morrison, promise to stop doing whatever it was that got them kicked out of their last party.

It didn’t take long after Morrsion’s arrival in the National Front (NF), back in July for things to turn sour. For those of you old enough to remember it, the NF used to be a very serious, very political organisation that had very serious intentions to install a Nazi regime in this country during the 1970’s. So dangerous was the NF seen by many, that it inspired thousands of men and women in this country to take an often confrontational stand against it.

Even during the 1980’s when Nick Griffin was running the NF into the ground, it was still a serious (if not strange) group. It is after all, one of the longest surviving far-right parties in the world.

The National Front’s most recent leader, Ian Edward, did not want Morrison in the NF. He knew that it would mean trouble for him and comedy gold for people like us. By all accounts, Morrison and his friends were voted back into the party while Edward was in the toilet at one leadership meeting!

So, as we predicted, no sooner had Eddie and his friends arrived back in the NF (it’s approximately his eighth time in the party) things started to go wrong. It’s alleged that Morrison even held a drunken one-man orgy at one recent regional meeting, while others took offence to him recording and then selling copies of branch meetings for apparent personal gain.

So bad did things become that a sort of (but not exclusive) north v south divide developed in the party. Edward, a former low level BNP official wanted Morrison and his chums gone, while those based in the north, (who must be terribly forgiving considering Morrison’s history up there,) wanted Morrison to remain because he is at least entertaining when singing Irish rebel songs whilst his pants are around his ankles.

Things came to head a couple of months ago when Edward decided to force everybody’s hand and resign from the party. He was joined by quite a few other members, but not long time Nazi Richard Edmonds who has been one of the most ardent of the anti-Morrsion brigade.

Edward was soon replace by Kev Bryan, a balding, thuggish, semi-literate nobody who once stood for the British National Party and is also a mate of Morrison’s, upsetting Edward even more.

Edward then decided that although he had resigned, he would not hand the party over to Bryan, and began citing all kinds of long words from the party’s constitution to cause the other faction confusion.

As a result of this, the current state of play is that the NF has two Chairmen and none, two websites, four branches on one side and three expelled branches on the other, two telephone numbers for the head office(s), a series of facebook pages attacking each other and recently held an Emergency General Meeting where allegations of wife swapping, wife beating, phone tampering and computer hacking were aired by one side about the other. Nothing was resolved.

Edwards’ faction does hold one key, he will not tell the Electoral Commission that he is no longer Chairman. He also happens to be the signatory with the Commission, allowing people to use the name National Front when standing for election.

What no-one has done in this dispute however, as happened in the previous twelve serious splits in the National Front, is accuse the other side of being a Nazi. The days when the NF tried to hide their Nazi intentions are long gone.

The South Wales NF did try however, after the Christmas social last weekend. Their blogsite showed a very serious and sombre evening of patriotic types having a sensible evening.

Blog: What South Wales NF wanted you to see

Blog: What South Wales NF wanted you to see

Above: How South Wales NF wanted you to see their Christmas Party

Below: What it was really like:


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