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Matthew Collins - 15 01 14
Cooking up racist lies BNP style

Cooking up racist lies BNP style

Fresh from last week’s cookery lesson from bankrupt BNP leader Nick Griffin, today there has been another master-class in cooking the books in truly BNP style.

The BNP’s former press officer, Dr Phil Edwards, has always been a notorious liar. He was however a joy and a pleasure when he was taking media enquires. You were always guaranteed a drunken rant as Edwards, whose real name is Stuart Russell, liked to quaff vast quantities of ale in the pubs of his hometown of Aslockton, near Grantham.

I’ll call him Stuart Russell from now on.

Dr Russell: Firestarter and liar

Dr Russell: Firestarter and liar

Sadly for Russell, he is now barred from most pubs due to his notorious racist outbursts. He took to using the name “Phil Edwards” to disguise his true identity from local authorities who may have used his services for firework displays, which is how he made his honest money.

Things went particularly awry from Russell’s time in the job when we looked a little further into his business and history-after not just tickling our general curiosity, but arousing our suspicions because of his particularly passionate dislike of Polish people.

Well, it wasn’t long before we uncovered that Russell had a Polish ex-wife and the rest sort of followed.

Today, Russell is back on the BNP’s website and once more he’s having a go about Polish people. According to Russell, the UK’s prison population is now “10% Polish.” That would be extraordinary if true. The Doctor is definitely doing BNP-style mathematics.

What Russell has done is bastardize a rather crude Daily Mail article from November of last year, which claimed that there were 900 Polish prisoners in UK jails at a cost of £35m to the notoriously prolific Conservative tax payer.

At the time of the Daily Mail article, the prison population was 84,500, so the Polish made up around 1% of the prison population.

So what happened? Have we locked up another seven thousand Polish people since November?

Or has the good doctor been on the ale, looking at his old wedding pics and telling lies again?

Blame the Jews: How BNP members react to the lie

Blame the Jews: How BNP members react to the lie


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