Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 23 01 14
Golding: Holds up Britain First's membership list

Golding: Holds up Britain First’s membership list

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Thursday, 23 January 2014, 20:54

Well, it took them a week, but the BNP finally removed the big lie about Polish people from their website. They did it quietly and with neither an apology to their poor members nor the poor ex-wife of the serial liar Dr Stuart Russell who wrote the piece.

It has been a very stressful week for the BNP. Their former gangmaster, fundraiser and pimp Jim Dowson used their mailing list to inform the BNP membership and their associates, that party leader Nick Griffin has very kindly decided to, potentially, share his debts with each and every one of them.

Unusually for Griffin, he has failed this week to issue a video address to his membership of himself sitting astride a horse and waving a rifle in the air whilst issuing threats about his enemies. Still, moving home can be stressful but I’m not sure that Griffin is quite ready to follow his hero Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi and move into a tent. Whether he will join certain other members of the Griffin family on a caravan park is not clear, either.

Dirty Bed Sheets

Still, Griffin must have been delighted by the link-up between some of his young members and the leadership of the violent band of malcontents called the South East Allaince (SEA) last weekend. Whilst Griffin has been to Athens to rub shoulders with the thugs of Golden Dawn, the ever excitable Kevin Layzell was busy hanging what appeared to be his soiled bed sheets over a motorway.

BNP members; this is where your money goes

BNP members; this is where your money goes

Writes kevin, “I believe that flash demos are the future; they are an effective way for a small group of people to make as much impact as a well-attended demo with hundreds of people.” Yes, of course you do, Kevin. When was the last time the BNP held one of those?

There was much excitement when the group that hung Kevin’s dirty bed sheets were joined by the SEA’s leader Paul Prodromou. Still, despite the recent love of all things Greek, it was better for all concerned that Prodromou was actually addressed by the more Anglo sounding name he uses, “Pitt”.

Kevin writes that he and five others were “honoured by the presence of the South East Alliance members and their leader, Paul Pitt, who gave us a talk about his efforts in street politics.” Great stuff. I wonder if Prodromou was bragging at all about his “10,000 man march” ? Not likely.

Nazis heading to court, again

Elsewhere, the National Front are suing the National Front. It’s like Kramer versus Kramer, but this time with dirty ashtrays. Terry Williams of the NF is standing in the Kingstanding ward by-election in Erdington, but has not been able to actually register himself as the National Front candidate. The NF’s always done themselves more harm than “ZOG” ever could. This also includes one of their Swansea members being evicted from their home this week, too.

NF legal fund: Coming to an off licence near year

NF legal fund: Coming to an off licence near year

Flag Day

Britain Frist’s Paul Golding is tonight currently in police custody for his nefarious activities. Perhaps the police could have a look at this youtube video while they are questioning him, too.

Nick, Nick

Some EDL members apparently turned themselves into the police this morning after watching themselves on Crimewatch last night.

It’s not been a good year for the EDL or their founder Stephen Lennon. He received an 18 month sentence today for mortgage fraud. I guess this will also spare the indignity of Lennon turning up at Holocaust Memorial Day events this weekend as had been reported earlier in the week, in what seems to be some sort of mad PR campaign.

His sponsors, the The Quilliam Foundation, have been removed from next week’s British Muslim Awards shortlist a report today revealed.


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