BNP uncover (another) Jewish conspiracy

Matthew Collins - 24 01 14
Protocols: with depiction of

Protocols: with depiction of “Evil Jew”

The world has always been full of conspiracy theory. It’s what used to get “witches” burnt at the stake. It’s also what can lead to genocide.

The Nazis were very taken with a book called “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” a notorious Antisemetic work about a ‘worldwide Jewish conspiracy’ for world domination. It was published in Russia in the very early part of the last century.

Anyone with a clear mind who read the book was quite aware that it was a hoax, a cruel and crude forgery, depicting a secret meeting of Jews hatching a plot to carve up the world.

They (the Nazis), decided the contents of the book were justification enough to murder millions of Jewish people. It even found its way onto the German school curriculum as a “must read” book.

The BNP's 'Zionist' conspiracy

The BNP’s ‘Zionist’ conspiracy

After the Second World War, the defeated admirers of the Nazis decided that the Holocaust was itself to become another conspiracy. If you lied about facts enough, and waited long enough, soon memory would fade and the victim would then become the victimized again. The British National Party (BNP), has a long history of denying the Holocaust and claiming that it is in fact, a lie; that the murder of millions of Jews, Roma, Gays, Communists, Socialists, mentally ill and the disabled (among others), were never gassed by the Nazis.

Holocaust denial has been on and off the menu for the British National Party (BNP) in recent times. Its founder, John Tyndall, was a long time Jew-hater who sold “The Protocols..” via BNP publications. Tyndall himself admitted that the book was a fake and a forgery, but still, in his opinion, it did give people a fairly accurate idea of what the Jews were up to.

And Tyndall knew what the Jews were up to because he had read “The Protocols..” When he was mildly popular and important, current BNP leader Nick Griffin MEP, made sure that nobody would run around publicly talking about Jewish conspiracies or the Holocaust being a “hoax”. He did have to call the Holocaust a hoax however, to ensure he got the top job in the BNP. It comes with the territory.

As things have slid-and slid badly in the BNP, Griffin is once more letting Jew hating and conspiracy out of the bag again.

Back in 2012 we saw an updated version of Jewish conspiracy theory raise its head at a BNP meeting in Salford. Griffin no longer even cares who he is seen or associated with, hence the recent love-in with Hungarian nasty party Jobbik and the violent Nazi thugs of Greece’s Golden Dawn party.

As well as calling people (in this case Jewish people) liars, the trick has always been to also portray them with a horrible caricature, as has been done on the front cover of “The Protocols..”

Yesterday, the BNP produced a story about Griffin’s criminal mates, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party from Greece. “Golden Dawn Leader Nikos Michaloliakos arrested on the orders of international Zionists”says the BNP’s website. For Nazis, and Islamists, the word “Zionist” is often used when really they just mean Jews. It allows them to get away with conflating the two and confusing many people into thinking it is an acceptable way to attack Jewish people. In this particular story, surprise, surprise, there’s actually no proven Zionist or Jewish influence at all. Just a suggestion that in fact, Golden Dawn are a shoddy, violent organisation.

In the cartoon that appears with the article on the BNP website, check out the menacing shadow of the hooked nosed individual in the background. Sinister, eh? Jewish, probably…

Now check the original source where the BNP got the story from:

The Truth: Where the BNP gets its news from

The Truth: Where the BNP gets its news from

Concerned: One BNP member took umbridge

Concerned: One BNP member took umbridge


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