The BNP: They’re skint and they stink

Matthew Collins - 20 02 14
For sale: The BNP's desperate Ebay shop of junk

For sale: The BNP’s desperate Ebay shop of junk

Sending money to the British National Party (BNP) is never a wise move. That’s probably why they didn’t push Adam Walker’s desperate personal appeal for funds to fight Michael Gove’s decision to ban him permanently from teaching.

Poor old Adam, “it’s political persecution” he screamed, having been banned from teaching for chasing young boys with a knife and slashing their bicycle tyres. Still, Adam had his day in court, as it were and lost.

Things really do look bleak for Adam. His chances of still being in a job with the BNP after the European Elections this May are next to zero, such is his unpopularity with Mr Griffin, Mr Harrington and Mr Jefferson (real name Aitken).

Much ado has been made of the BNP losing nearly £400,000 of inheritance money and then begging their members for some money to sue the deceased’s solicitor. It appears that it is both the suing of solicitors and then the non-payment of legal bills that continually gets the BNP into trouble anyway, so I would say to those few remaining BNP members that they should send as much cash as possible to the party. Sue me, sue everyone….

The BNP: trading in misery and crap

The BNP: trading in misery and crap

People may recall last year Nick Griffin telling people how he ate road kill and how he was advising the party’s dwindling membership to collect scrap metal. This is a party that does love the cash. It is why I have often portrayed Griffin and his close friend Clive Jefferson as Del Boy and Rodney type traders.

Well, we now have this: The BNP’s Ebay shop. The party’s merchandising wing, Excalibur, used to sell patriotic items and pictures of their Dear Leader. Tea towels with the national flag, badges with the party logo, mouse mats and party magazines.

BNP Ebay: Hard on the nose it seems

BNP Ebay: Hard on the nose it seems

Times must be really, really tough. Now the BNP is selling second hand Harry Potter box sets, old pub ashtrays, an old James Bond T-shirt, stinky football socks and a petty cash book. Ah yes, petty cash books… No longer required it seems in the BNP. Even at give away prices, their customers still complain that the merchandise stinks, literally!

My advice to the security staff at the European Parliament buildings is to make sure everything is nailed down. The last thing we would want to see for sale on Ebay after May is Nick Griffin’s old desk.

And to think we once feared they’d run a council with a £250m budget….

Thanks to Dan for the head’s up.


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