Far-right fall out continues

Matthew Collins - 28 02 14
Roy Price of the EDL outside the Old Bailey

Roy Price of the EDL outside the Old Bailey

The far-right continues to argue and enrage each other after their combined and appalling behaviour outside the Old Bailey earlier this week.

The worst offender on the day was EDL “hardman” Alan Furniss, who dropped his trousers on live television, while the BNP’s amplified droning and chanting by all accounts made it impossible for the Rigby family to even contemplate a statement to the media.

Britain First, who had a small march to the Old Bailey, has launched an attack on their rivals describing the English Defence League, English Volunteer Force and the South East Alliance as “disgraceful”.

Their attack continues with “It was like a scene backstage at the Jeremy Kyle or Jerry Spinger show rather than a solemn and tragic occasion”.

A crooked eye: Take a good look at yourselves, Golding

A crooked eye: Take a good look at yourselves, Golding

Given the street leader of Britain First is Paul Golding, there can be no better judge as to what that actually must be like. Golding used to turn up at Remembrance Sunday activities with knickers over his head.

Rather bizarrely however, Britain First claims that their supporters were praised by journalists for their dignified behaviour. Who these journalists are is a mystery to us. Golding had a melt down in the middle of the road himself which just added to the whole circus of shit that the far-right created for everyone to see on the day.

The BNP even get in on the act of attacking the EDL too.

Little Jack finds fighting words

Little Jack finds fighting words

Be it Golding with knickers on his head, Furniss with pants at his ankles or even Adam Walker chanting like a broken record, let us not forget that these combined gangs of mindless, racist thugs were only there to try and cash in on the death of that poor soldier.


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