Griffin in new hardcore fascist junket

Matthew Collins - 03 03 14

European election no-hoper and British National Party boss Nick Griffin landed in Rome for another junket at the weekend.

Again, his host was his long-time “Political Soldier’ pal, the convicted Italian terrorist Roberto Fiore who now runs his personal political party Forza Nuova (FN), a “Third Positionist” fascist outfit. Fiore is also a fundamentalist Catholic but we don’t know if the bankrupt Griffin has taken the plunge. However, if there’s money in it, who knows?

On the pizzas with the BNP’s increasingly inept leader was a selection of European fascism and nazism’s roughest trade: representatives of the grotesquely misnamed Spanish National Democracy (DN), the Greek Golden Dawn (GD) aka National Dawn and the German National Democrats (NPD).

A theme of the meeting, held in a function room at Rome’s four-star Pineta Palace Hotel, was the resurrection of the continent with Fiore calling for “a Europe of the family, small business and agriculture, and not the slave of a European Union policy of austerity, banks, bureaucrats and budgetary constraints.” If the ageing terrorist aims to hurl largesse around, it can be guaranteed the portly party leader from Welshpool will be right at the front of the queue for a handout.

Of course, only Christians, Romans and Greeks – God knows where that would leave Griffin – would be in line for the lucre. Jews, Roma, and other “racial inferiors” need not apply.

Certainly those present with Fiore and Griffin – Manuel Canduela from the nazi DN in Spain, Jens Pühse (NPD) and the litigious GD MP Antonios Gregos, one of the few Greek nazi leaders not in jail currently – have big ideas. They also have old ideas, harking back to European fascism’s Glory Days. Canduela waxed nostalgic about Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, and angry with the “Zionist New World Order”. That was probably a reference to the Jews. If it was, it certainly got a few cheers. Spain, he ranted, should copy Greece.

Next up was the Welshpool windbag, flying the flag for the UK by patriotically blabbering (as only he can) about how low birth rates and abortion “are slowly bringing our nation to suicide” before banging on about his pet theme of “globalisation, declaring that the European nations are not dying. No, they are going to be killed, it appears, as a result, according to the British deputato, of “a cold and calculated” attack on Europe by the capitalists and the Zionists (read “Jews” and cue more cheap applause.)

To rescue the situation, added the BNP führer solemnly, the nationalists of Europe – meaning him and the shrinking mob that follows him these days – will have to “kill the banks to save the people.” These fascists sure do relish the notion of “killing”. Griffin’s efforts to appear more a gravitas-laden deputato than the bizarre political desperado he really is – and being a tepid warm-up man for the next speaker – still didn’t get him the top plaudits on the clap-o-meter.

That was reserved for Gregos, another deputato and a half if ever there was one, who spun a sorry tale about how democracy in Greece had been destroyed without mentioning that destroying democracy is the precise aim of the band of nazi thugs and killers that masquerades as his political party. So what’s he complaining about? One of his outlandish remedies seems to be to tell (white) Europeans to have a lot more unprotected sex and exponentially increase the population to overtake the immigrant birth-rate.

His act was followed by failed German nazi music impresario Jens Pühse who concentrated on grousing about the fact that his party might soon be extinguished by one of those pesky democracies. With hopeless and utterly groundless optimism, he added that “from 25 May, we, the British, Italians, Greeks and Spaniards…will be a single opposition bloc in the European Parliament.” He wishes…

Top of the bill, of course, was Fiore. He had to be. It was his meeting. He did not disappoint, raving and raging against the banks, against the Americans, against the Zionists before switching his attention to a familiar rant against abortion and homosexuality which, he said, would cause Europe to die.

Griffin lapped all this up, probably hoping fervently that he can line up a sure-fire source of income for when he probably loses his fat MEP’s salary. How else can he remain a bloatato?


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