Fascists on the doorstep

Matthew Collins - 05 03 14
Golding: Would sell the shirt off his back for a quid

Golding: Would sell the shirt off his back for a quid

There have been whispers of trouble for quite some time now. Everybody wants to be the führer of the British far-right, but so few of them actually have time to do it, what with issuing death threats on Twitter and Facebook taking up so much of their time.

Slowly but surely with the law catching up with them, there seems to be fewer and fewer fascists around these days. The Liverpool 7 may be due to crawl out of nick any day soon but things will have changed for them dramatically, even in their home town(s).

Britain First, led by Jim Dowson and Paul Golding , has been quietly beavering away on replacing everyone and everything with their own branding. The English Defence League (EDL) is as good as finished and all of the other groups like The Infidels, The South East Alliance (SEA) and English Volunteer Force (EVF) have struggled of late to muster even a dozen activists on their activities.

The main show in town for quite some time has been Paul Golding. He’s been travelling the country with a video camera filming himself on the doorsteps of Mosques and on the doorsteps of radical Muslims, cutting quite a dash amongst the Fash while doing it.

In doing so, Golding has put quite a few noses out of joint. Initially, In January of last year, Golding and Dowson offered the EVF, SEA and the English Dems the opportunity to join them in a united front against Islam, immigration and the left. They all got drunk together in a tatty pub in Kent before launching their new group.

It lasted about a week before they fell out. The SEA, lead by Paul Prodromou, prefered the company of the British National Party (BNP), and found Britain First too “stuffy” for their notoriously louche tastes.

Late last year Britain First announced they were going to stand against the BNP leader Nick Griffin in the Euro Elections. It was another nail in Griffin’s soon-to-be coffin that infuriated both the BNP and the SEA and Infidels, who have gravitated towards the BNP.

In the new year, Golding launched a series of stalking raids on the home of radical preacher Anjem Choudary, drawing with him large numbers from the other groups. In the process, a whispering campaign began against Golding and Dowson, accusing them both of taking momey from the movement and of general dishonesty. Dowson and Golding retorted by describing their detractors as “Godless drunks.” Things have been unpleasant, ever since.

Things nearly came to a head at the Old Bailey last week when Golding and some of his supporters decided to march to court, passing a number of their enemies. When names were called, Golding became emotional and had quite a public meltdown in the middle of the street and threatened to have certain people “seen to”. Britain First then issued a statement attacking all of the other groups for their appaling behaviour on the day.

Over this last weekend there was uproar when Golding appeared in Blackburn without apparently consulting the local fascists there. As soon as their anger was known, Golding began appearing on people’s doorsteps. In fact, in the last week, Golding has visited the homes of five people connected with the EDL and its satellites and issued them invitations to fight with him in the street!! Unsurprisingly, most have refused his invitation.

The only person not to buckle on the doorstep was apparently, Paul Prodromou, the leader of the South East Alliance. Golding made his way to Essex to confront Prodromou but by all accounts he was not for budging or intimidating. Golding was apparently more interested anyway in finding John Snowy Shaw who has been throwing around weight he is not fit to carry, namely that of Loyalist paramilitaries, whilst issuing threats against Dowson and Golding.

So disturbed was Shaw to hear that Golding had ventured as far north as Blackburn he has now changed his tune to one of love and reconcilliation, while others are using the United British Patriots facebook page to demand help against Golding.

To top this all off, we understand that Golding may soon be getting a visit from the BNP, if they can rustle up any heavies. Nick Griffin wants back a series of magazines that he lent to Golding when he was Griffin’s errand boy, but Golding is refusing to hand them back. If Griffin cannot find enough heavies to visit Golding he should just sit tight anyway. His description of Golding as a “pikie” at last weekend’s BNP conference has infuriated Golding who is, after all, a very delicate soul.

Please stop bullying us: Fascists hate fascism it seems

Please stop bullying us: Fascists hate fascism it seems


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