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Matthew Collins - 30 03 14
BNP brainstrust: These guys run Facebook, apparently

BNP brainstrust: These guys run Facebook, apparently

Much excitement in the British National Party (BNP) during the week when they stumbled across an article in the Telegraph claiming they had taken over Facebook! How someone came to this conclusion is a mystery. They’re already way behind Britain First and the English Defence League (EDL) in terms of numbers and “likes” and the BNP fall way behind Britain First in people interacting or “talking about” their page.

Despite the BNP having 104,000 likes on Facebook, its real and actual membership is now below 2,000. The EDL, shrinking and more stupid everyday with its 163,000 followers, has the lowest number of people interacting with it on social media.

Still, we should expect to see another one of those suspicious research pieces about the EDL in the Telegraph again very soon. Yesterday, the EDL managed just 250 people for a national march, this time in Peterborough. Most of the other 162,700 “members” probably stayed at home to fill in a survey advertised in the margins of Facebook which asks them their opinions on a whole host of issues which they never actually normally consider unless one of the possible answers to a question is the proposed burning down of a Mosque and the “Sport are troops”.

As neither option was given in the survey, no doubt we’ll be hearing how the EDL are all Oxbridge graduates and bank managers very soon.

Someone who could probably give us an idea of the thoughts of the EDL is Michael Bayliss. Bayliss travelled up from the south west yesterday to get close and personal with the new leader of the EDL. Bayliss probably has a much better idea than most what the EDL are thinking, but whether SO15 will publish his findings in the Telegraph, is unlikely.

Secret Squirrel: Bayliss on the prowl yesterday

Secret Squirrel: Bayliss on the prowl yesterday

It’s been a quiet weekend so far for the Britain First crack-dsitribution brigade. Word is, despite finding God, Paul Golding has been moonlighting on the side cutting other people’s lunch.




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