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Matthew Collins - 15 04 14
Kevin Scott: Insert another a gag about death of his political career

Kevin Scott: Insert another a gag about death of his political career

Well, people have finally caught on to what we have been saying for over a year, that Andrew Brons MEP is to stand down at next month’s Euro elections. He will not be missed by many people, but it will throw a number of fascists on the dole.

What with Nick Griffin also likely to lose his seat, that means a good eight or nine fascists and fascist sympathisers will be out of work in just over a month. Brons and Griffin share some employees, you see, but not much else since Brons went off to launch the rival and tiny British Democratic Party (BDP) last year.

One of those on the Brons payroll is the British National Party’s performing monkey, idiot and disgraced teacher, Adam Walker.

It wasn’t much of a job, seems as he could not claim a petrol allowance, but it least doing nothing for Brons kept Adam busy at his favourite past time.

Walker had been hoping that with Brons going and the BDP putting no-one up in his place, that he would have clean run as the BNP candidate for the Yorks and Humber region and actually believed he stood a good chance of being elected! The only thing standing in Adam’s way was that the few members left in Yorkshire BNP preferred Marlene Guest, a Holocaust admirer, to the embarrassment that is Walker, to be their number one candidate.

Word is that after their disaster last month, when HOPE not hate had their fund raising meeting in Leeds cancelled, that Adam has given up all hope of ever being an MEP and indeed, of ever working again!

Back in February we reported on the disaster that is the BDP having some internal problems of their own, namely that the party’s nominal Chair, Kevin Scott, had a regional accent that nobody liked and had also been acting a little too much like a left-wing Nazi. Oh yes, that and the fact he would not give television interviews or do little else but antagonise BNP members on social media. Kevin’s role as the leader of the BDP appears to be drinking cups of tea and reading the Guardian.

Scott will step down from his role as British Democratic Party Chairman after the May elections. As far as we are aware, it was as close to a job Kevin has had since he was sacked as a toilet salesman by B&Q some years back.

The replacement for Scott will have to be someone who can do nothing all day and lead few people into nowhere in the great cause that is the white race. To please the people who fund what is one of the world’s smallest Nazi parties, that person must also have no regional accent and be willing to drop everything for a day “on the lash” with other beer bellied bores and racists.

Word is, and Kevin will not like this, that the party are considering talking to Paul Weston again about coming aboard. Good old Paul, he’s currently running another far-right party into the ground so may be interested in the role. He may not be as smart, witty and “left wing” as Kevin Scott, but he knows how to have a jolly good time with racist mates.


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