The short memory of the BNP

Matthew Collins - 23 04 14
Not forgotten: Griffin's treachery in pictures

Not forgotten: Griffin’s treachery in pictures

Most people are well aware that the British National Party (BNP) are no great fans of official history.

They bend, twist and deny facts when and wherever possible. So it was no surprise to read today that the BNP had been trying to make something of a noise about the anniversary of the tragic death of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, shot by someone inside the Libyan embassy in London thirty years ago.

Fletcher had been outside the embassy doing her job of ensuring that a peaceful protest against Libyan leader Colonel Gadaffi passed off peacefully.

According to the BNP’s Paul Borg, ” veteran London activist Paul Borg was determined to see that the party was shown not to have forgotten the sacrifice of WPC Yvonne Fletcher. “

How very decent of him. Paul continues: “nobody who witnessed the events on TV newsreel at the time could ever forget seeing WPC Fletcher rolling on the pavement in sheer agony and the disgust at watching her smirking killers walk free days later without charge.

“Although I was unable to get to the memorial service itself I was determined to show that the BNP would not forget her and the sacrifice she made in the line of duty.”

Paul is obviously a bigger idiot than we thought. Or perhaps he thinks BNP supporters are bigger idiots than they actually are.

While Paul recalls, vividly, “watching her smirking killers walk free days later without charge,” he should have checked with his party leader, Nick Griffin, what he remembers about the incident back in 1984. At the time, Griffin was fighting an internal battle for control of the National Front and one of his main driving forces was his adamant belief that Colonel Gadaffi was the answer to all of the NF’s problems.

Sickening: Borg's anger is surely misdirected

Sickening: Borg’s anger is surely misdirected

It would appear that Griffin had absolutely no problem with associating with the people associated with the murder of Fletcher as little more than a year later, he was in Libya on an all expenses paid trip by the Colonel himself, in what Griffin dubbed a search for “petro dollars.”

Griffin even imported hundreds of copies of Gadaffi’s seminal “The Green Book” for NF members to study. Most thought it a turgid piece of piss and quit the NF in disgust. Neither Griffin, nor his supporters, gave a toss about Yvonne Fletcher.

Griffin even posed for a photograph under the despot.

Perhaps Paul Borg, moronic as he quite obviously is, should have checked with Griffin about what he remembers about Yvonne Fletcher’s murder and what he did to protest about it.

Proud: Griffin shouted how proud he was of his links

Proud: Griffin shouted how proud he was of his links


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