Daily Mail in flag horror

Matthew Collins - 24 04 14

There has been an outrage at a branch of the EDL’s favourite pub chain.

The outrage was in Herne Bay, Kent, down by the seaside.

In fact, according to one outraged patron, a 28 year old dental nurse, it reeked of “political correctness gone mad”.

Said dental nurse, Sam Gurney, was obviously and predictably “gob smacked” by the probable loony left attitude of a branch of Wetherspoons displaying a Union Flag on St George’s Day and not the cross of St George, so much so the Daily Mail just had to be informed about it.

According to the Mail Online, the outraged dental nurse went as far as to post her disgust on her Facebook page, that well known vehicle for disseminating both good and bad news for total strangers to enjoy and share.

According to the Mail, Miss Gurney received support from other drinkers. One outraged Kent patriot even writing “Wetherspoons ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Gurney also advises the EDL as to who is English

Gurney also advises the EDL as to who is English

“St George is the patron saint of England, so for St George’s Day fly the cross of St George which is the English flag. Simple!”

It didn’t end there, either. The outrage even got one Katherine KJ Baxter commenting “they’ll still fly the cross to show support to the English football team. How does that work then?’ ”

The tough line of questioning by the outraged did not end there, either. According to the pub’s manager, Ms Gurney “started questioning it and she also said we should make a bigger deal out of St George’s Day than St Patrick’s.”

Probably fearing that tensions could simmer over into a flag dispute to mirror that of Northern Ireland’s recent troubles, the Mail contacted Wetherspooons HQ for an explanation which soon saw the correct flag despatched in time for more drinking in the name of England’s Patron Saint, a notorious booze hound himself, so legend would not have it.

With potentially an explosive situation diffused, Wetherspoons were able to tell the Mail Online that “They have got St George’s flags up now, they were put up today.

“It was something which was done every year, it was the decorations they always had.

“Nobody had ever pointed it out before, so now they have changed the decorations. We like to please our customers.”

That thread in full

That thread in full

So, with tricky situation now defused and no trace of anything remotely Scottish or Welsh to spoil a day’s boozing at the Saxon Shore pub in Herne Bay, the Mail can move on to Whitstable where a custard shortage is threatening to ruin a Christmas trifle in the planning.

Meanwhile, it’s all good for Ms Gurney, who has saved a nation’s shame and indeed, England as a country. As her other postings on Facebook show, she really is an arbiter of all things English. Good for her!

Gurney has no problem with the Union Flag normally

Gurney has no problem with the Union Flag normally


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