Morons for England

Matthew Collins - 26 04 14
Nazi salutes: Some of last year's

Nazi salutes: Some of last year’s “patriots” in action

Having still not learnt their lesson from last year’s debacle on Brighton sea front, an assortment of boneheads and fascists will return there tomorrow for another drunken shuffle of disgrace.

The march is laughably titled “March for England”. Why these people think they represent England is beyond a mystery. They obviously have very little else to do.

Don’t expect to see people in colourful costumes or re-enactments of George slaying a dragon, which would probably amuse and interest kids. Also, don’t expect to see anything resembling a proper march.

You’re more likely to see beer bellies half-covered by last year’s England shirt shuffle towards thousands of angry locals refusing to let them pass. Oh yes, and you’ll definitely see the obligatory England flag purchased from a sports shop with the name of the country printed across it, just in case the idiots do not know whose flag it is they’re carrying exactly.

Two section 14 notices have been issued. These notices explain the conditions and directions imposed by the Chief Constable who believes the directions to be necessary to prevent serious disorder, disruption or intimidation. The first notice directs the assembly for the March for England and states: “The March for England and those associated with it shall only assemble on the eastbound carriageway of the A259, Kings Road between the pedestrian crossing to the east of the junction with West Street and the west most edge of the junction between the A259, Kings Road and Middle Street. The assembly will be confined to the road between the kerb lines to the north and south of the carriageway.”

Let’s just hope there is a pub nearby. Instructions from the police also state: “Those taking part in the march are not allowed to carry banners, other than those in support of the March for England or the cross of St George, engage in any unlawful behaviour or display Nazi salutes.”

Nazi salutes? But surely, a march of patriots would never have people giving the Nazi salute, would it? One of the marches main organisers, Paul Prodromou, is so patriotic he even changed his name to “Pitt” to prove how English he is.

Anyway, a road collapsed on Thursday so who knows where they’ll be shoved.


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