The shame of Paul Golding

Matthew Collins - 26 04 14
Golding: Something has to pay for his new jacket

Golding: Something has to pay for his new jacket

Paul Golding in an unusually unpleasant chap. When he was in the National Front (NF), he turned up to a Remembrance Sunday march at the cenotaph drunk and with a pair of women’s knickers on his head as a mark of “respect”.

He later moved to the British National Party (BNP), where he was groomed for bigger things by Nick Griffin. Things there did not, apparently, work out, so instead he moved to Jim Dowson’s Britain First where he could accommodate his love of Hitler with a bizarre brand of enthusiasm for Jesus. A white Jesus, obviously.

Being in the employ of Dowson is no easy thing, and the two are apparently having a bit of a tiff at the moment due to Golding’s last minute decision to not stand against his old mentor Griffin in the Euro elections. Instead, despite the monies raised by the anti-Griffin element in the far-right for Golding to help unseat Griffin, Golding opted behind Dowson’s back to stand in Wales instead.

Now police in Southend have had to issue a warning to locals that a stall in the town with a petition calling for better treatment for soldiers that also solicits £3 donations, is not as many thought, a Help for Heroes stall, but a stall run by Golding and friends.

Deception has always been key to Jim Dowson’s operations and it seems even if he cannot bear to face is old mentor/tormentor Nick Griffin, Golding is still happy to oblige his new mentor by fleecing members of the public concerned about the welfare of British troops.

It’s been an open secret that Golding has been operating stalls around Kent and Essex fleecing unsuspecting members of the public. According to yesterday’s Southend Echo “A female neighbourhood police officer was on routine patrol and spoke to a small group of pensioners who had just left a Britain First stall.

“She wanted to ensure they were aware of what they had just signed at the stall and discussed with the representative.”

Concerns have been raised the stall is selling Britain First products. Small metal badges are given to those who donate £3.

You can read more about it here. Similarly, Britain First have issued a viral graphic on Facebook that purports to be against dog fighting. Britain First has no concerns about dogs or animal welfare in general. A number of people have innocently shared the very graphic picture which links back to the group and tries to solicit donations from animal lovers. The nature of the graphic is so sickening that it cannot be shared here.

Beware of these plastic patriots, folks. They’ll try anything to get into your purses.

Euros: It's pound he should be paying back

Euros: It’s pound he should be paying back


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