Another year, another March For England

Matthew Collins - 27 04 14

March For England – April 27th 2014 – an eyewitness report

Well another year, another March For England (MFE) and another colossal expense for the cash strapped councils of the Sussex. The route for the “March” was farcically short but caused maximum disruption for local businesses.

The seafront was several people deep for the half-mile of the “March” with a tremendous show of opposition to the MFE with numbers still swelling as the ragtag of nazis and fellow travellers assembled as a who’s who of the fracturing EDL and it’s dwindling orbit.

The “March” started pretty much on time, with the majority turning up at 12.30pm, when they were securely walked down to the seafront by the combined forces of Sussex and Surrey Police on horseback and on foot. When the group finally moved off their chants were drowned out by jeers and shouts generated by the massed ranks of opposition from groups including the English Disco Lovers, Antifa, the Socialist Party and many others including the residents of Brighton who have had enough of this yearly abuse of democracy.

As the rabble, a maximum of 200 yobs, set off the skies opened and it came down in buckets. The police inexplicably held up the March for five minutes as a banner was unfurled high above a nearby shop with the classic image of a swastika being thrown in a bin. The MFE shouted fevered abuse at the banner….which is strange as they purport to be patriots – forgive me Britain and her allies did fight against the fascists? Should they not have been cheering?

Continuing the walk the “patriots” rolled up their sleeves and set about real political dialogue, by bending down and scooping up horse manure to throw at their opponents. Sadly for the miscreants none of the manure hit the intended targets instead landing amongst their comrades and the constabulary…

The bedraggled mob marched less than the advertised half a mile, as part of the seafront road had collapsed, they turned on their heels and marched back again. The rain unrelenting. The only other thing of note on the actual shuffle back along the seafront was a colourful banner hung out of window by two women, simply saying Racists Go Home. Clear, concise and cheered loudly by the onlookers and booed in a pantomime manner by the the now sodden and dwindling MFE. Mercifully the rabble ended their march with what I believe was a series of speeches, except they were spectacularly drowned out by an anti-MFE protestor who had heroically scaled a shop being renovated and from a windswept rooftop played one note repeatedly on a trombone, appallingly out of tune and drawing howls of derision but the result was a drowned out set piece, well done that man.

As the march disbanded through a police checkpoint, one by one, the MFE members got skittish as they realised they were being sent packing with no protection of note. Their concern was palpable as news was filtering through that around ten of their comrades had been confronted robustly in the quaint area known as the lanes, an onlooker said it had been very messy and several people had been arrested. This was still unconfirmed as the blog was written.


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