Richard goes for a Sutton facelift

Matthew Collins - 28 04 14
Edmonds: looking a little lost in Croydon last year

Edmonds: looking a little lost in Croydon last year

There was a time when Richard Edmonds could bring hundreds of Nazis to their feet making right arm salutes in awe of him.

Neither Jews nor mixed race couples were safe from his foaming hatred. In 1993, he even attacked a mixed race couple with a glass on Brick Lane in east London. Before that, he took to a statue of Nelson Mandela on London’s Southbank with a sledge hammer. He even drove Combat 18 to attack a meeting by the Rev Al Sharpton when he visited London.

He was adored. Everyone loved Richard. People loved the way he would spend joyous hours circling the obituaries in the Jewish Chronicle with a large grin on his face. It was the small things in life that pleased Richard.

Richard was a founder member of the British National Party, way back in 1982. Its founder, John Tyndall, feared Richard for his popularity, but knew deep down that Richard would serve Tyndall as faithfully as he did the memory and the ideology of Hitler. They were never friends; even Tyndall thought Richard a little crazy.

At noisy, booze-sodden BNP rallies, Tyndall would deliberately cut short a speech by Edmonds in mid flow-worried that Edmonds would exhaust the audience before he got to deliver his own speech.

Edmonds was so loved and important, particularly among Nazis in London, that Nick Griffin had no choice but to let him onto the party’s advisory council, even though Edmonds hated Griffin and made no secret of it. Edmonds thought of standing against Griffin in 2011.

Of late, as age has begun to tire what must be Britain’s foremost Jew hater and Holocaust denier, Edmonds has become less popular and less important. Yes, everyone loves to raise their right arm in the air, but few of these young kids have actually read Mein Kampf-in German like Edmonds has.

In his age, his choices have become more confused and fewer people actually understand what he is talking about. Now in the National Front, where his long journey into a life of hatred began over forty years ago, Edmonds made the fatal mistake last year of siding with the wrong side in their split.

Now with the elections upon us, Richard now has no official party banner to stand under. The poor old soul has been forced to stand as an independent in the Worcester Park ward in Sutton.

Still, he’ll never really be alone whilst he still has the obituary section and a copy of Mein kampf to keep him company.


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