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Matthew Collins - 06 05 14
Culnane: Nazi Granny

Culnane: Nazi Granny

As well as Richard Edmonds standing in Sutton there’s a few other candidates to watch for at these elections. Tess Culnane was dubbed the “Nazi Granny” when she worked for the British National Party (BNP). She’s been in and out of the BNP and the National Front (NF) and is currently, like Edmonds, in the wrong faction of the NF so has to stand as an independent in the Downham ward, Lewisham.

Another former BNP high flyer, Michael Barnbrook, has reared his head to stand as an indepedent in Bexley in the Blackfen and Lamorbey Ward. Barnbrook is standing with the Bexley Action Group. He fails to mention on their website that he is a former member of the Nazi party.

Barnbrook: Aryan memory lapse?

Barnbrook: Aryan memory lapse?

And finally, for now, an interesting name popped up last week. That name was Graham Williamson who used to be a member of the Gaddafi worshiping sect of the NF led by Nick Griffin and Patrick Harrington. He was at the forefront of that sect’s slip into oblivion and weirdness. I once stood next to him when we were in competing factions of the NF, selling racist newspapers at Brick Lane in East London. The front page of his paper, National Front News had the headline “It’s a hard life being a dolphin”. We assumed there had been a mistake at the NF’s printers and it was meant to say “It’s a hard life being Adolf..” Anyway, read what he’s been up to here.

There is nothing to report from Barnsley, where Terry Hubbard is blaming Adam Walker for there being no BNP candidates this year. The English Dems seem to have most of the former BNP candidates standing for them instead, anyway.

Williamson: Former political soldier?

Williamson: Former political soldier?


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