Dowson offers to send troops in for Farage

Matthew Collins - 08 05 14
Britain First: Not an ad for the YMCA

Britain First: Not an ad for the YMCA

Maybe it’s because one of his candidates admires Nazi war criminals, but Nigel Farage seems to have attracted the support of one of Britain’s most senior Nazis, the rabid anti-abortionist and former BNP fundraiser Jim Dowson.

Dowson has offered the services of his masked thugs to the UKIP leader to help him get into and out of meetings. In a statement issued on their website, Britain First say they are going to deploy “ARMOURED PATROL VEHICLES AND EX-MILITARY VOLUNTEERS TO PROTECT UKIP LEADER NIGEL FARAGE.” And yes, they did shout it!

According to Britain First they and UKIP “are all patriots together” and UKIP may be “well presented in nice suites…but they cannot protect Mr Farage from the leftwing (sic) thugs who seem intent in intimidating him and perverting the democratic process.”

Offers of help

Offers of help

Interesting that Britain First talk about perverting the democratic process. Dowson spends a great deal of his time like a dirty old man, harassing and intimidating young women going into family planning clinics. And his sidekick Paul Golding, another former BNP goon, likes to wear knickers on his head to remember Britain’s war dead as well as raise money in what could be described as troubling circumstances.

Worryingly, Britain First boast they have “hundreds of ex-British Forces street activists and several armoured ex-army Land Rovers” to put at UKIP’s disposal. A little bit of over egging there from Britain First, but it is true to say that they are spending a fair amount of time travelling the country in reasonable numbers looking for a punch up. They also like to stand with cans of lager outside of Mosques because they think that is what Jesus wants them to do.

It’s unlikely that UKIP will take up the offer. Traditionally when Dowson “helps” somebody he also helps himself to the contents of their bank account while at it.

Last night there was a rather good humoured protest outside of one of Farage’s meetings. The crowd outside were confronted by one of Dowson’s kamikaze troops who offered to fight fifty people “one-on-one” around the corner.

Thankfully he was ignored. It turns out those cans of lager they go around offering, like everything else Dowson offers, are empty.

Dowson: Wishes he had a womb

Dowson: Wishes he had a womb


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