Exclusive: Farage’s Helping Red Hand

Matthew Collins - 17 05 14
Hill (left) with Farage (centre) and McKee (right)

Hill (left) with Farage (centre) and McKee (right)

Nigel Farage was in Belfast last week, Wednesday to be precise. It was a quick visit where he found time to tell the Belfast Telegraph that he was not going to get drawn into the flag debate; Farage was there to remind everyone, including the nationalist community, to vote for the United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP), and keep the Johnny foreigners out.

UKIP had arranged for Nigel to enjoy a pint in the famous Crown Bar surrounded by his nearest and dearest friends, but by all accounts, the bar had different ideas. The proprietors asked Nigel and friends to leave, as they would do any political party. Nigel then ended up across the road in the Europa Hotel, the most bombed hotel in Western Europe.

Nigel told his assembled friends to not “assume that every single voter who votes for Ukip comes from a hard-line Protestant, unionist position.” Well said, Nigel. It may not actually be true, however. It most certainly would appear to be at odds with the party’s local member of the legislative assembly who joined him at the Europa, David McNarry.

Mr Narry has been very vocal over the flag issue and even said he wanted it flown in Belfast every day of the year.

In fact, it seemed there was nothing but people from a “hardline unionist position” at the function. As well as McNarry there is Henry Reilly, the party’s candidate for Europe. Henry is best known for notorious twitter rants normally about Communists and MI5. A quick sweep of google will give you an idea of where Henry stands on the issues that Farage will not be drawn on.

Also at the shindig was Bill Hill and Robert “Rab” Mckee. In their other guises they are not as Nigel would have you believe: Both of them are associates of the far-right leader Jim Dowson of Britain First infamy. You know, the Mosque invaders who recently offered to send soldiers and armoured cars to protect Farage. Both were indeed at the launch of the Protestant coalition of which Dowson was the founder. The group aims to ensure Protestants keep the “upper hand” over anyone, well, not Protestant. Even the UVF do not like them too much. Both Hill and Mckee were founding members of the group.

Mckee is alleged to be involved in some kind of split currently underway in the Ulster Defence Association (UDA). That’s an illegal terrorist organisation, by the way. They tend to shoot Catholics and deal drugs. They also shoot each other. Last month Mckee claimed the UDA tried to run him off the road as part of the spat between the two factions. Mckee obviously claims he is one of the “innocent victims”.

Hill and McKee join Paul Golding and Jim Dowson to launch the Protestant Coalition

Hill and McKee join Paul Golding and Jim Dowson to launch the Protestant Coalition

On Friday morning, two days after meeting Farage for a “pint”, Hill was part of a gang of men involved in the brutal attack on senior UDA leader John Bunting by a UDA breakaway group. According to reports “Bunting and his sidekick Tommy Pearson were ambushed and beaten on the Limestone Road in the north of the city on Friday afternoon by a gang of renegades as tensions within the terror group threaten to spiral out of control.

The North Belfast brigadier was left bloodied and bruised after being repeatedly punched and kicked to the ground.

Within minutes of the daylight attack members of the UDA in the north and south of the city were mobilised with orders to track down Bunting’s attackers, who have now been labelled as dead men walking.”

This is heavy stuff. The UDA have a habit of killing people, even best friends, for overstepping the mark. The Sunday World, who is running a report of the attack tomorrow, identifies one of the leaders of the dissident gang as Bill Hill, who met with Farage last week.

Members of the Protestant coalition are very critical of both the UDA and the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), both murder gangs, for “acquiescing” to the Good Friday Agreement. Both the UDA and UVF have split over the issue. For legal reasons, I am not able to expand further on the issue, sadly.

Whether Farage knows of the bloody involvement of the two men is not known to us. Obviously, UKIP are not keen on taking calls from HOPE not hate. What is questionable is how these two managed to join Farage for what was meant to a photo opportunity for UKIP’s nearest and dearest in Northern Ireland.

If there is to be a bloody battle between terrorists, perhaps Farage should ask Londonderry UKIP candidate, David Malcolm.

Malcolm, right, announces the UDA is decommissioning

Malcolm, right, announces the UDA is decommissioning

Malcolm is another one with links to the UDA. He was the Londonderry regional organiser for the UDA’s political “front” the Ulster Political Research Group (UPRG).

As part of their five man executive, Malcolm and his colleagues announced on ‘behalf’ of the UDA that they were intending to decommission their murder weapons.

UDA: definitely hardline, definitely protestant

UDA: definitely hardline, definitely protestant


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