EDL on the brink..

Matthew Collins - 04 06 14
A new account: The Daily Mail must be so proud

A new account: The Daily Mail must be so proud

The English Defence League (EDL) is in a bit of a mess. Yes, no-one said the “defence” of England and her Christian values was going to be pretty. It was always going to be a bit turgid at the core, but at least the drug culture and regular visits to high street boozers gave it a foundation of some sorts, something for thick necked males to do when not on probation.

We’re used to them fighting among themselves, splitting, going to prison and urinating against churches, attempting to murder people-the usual sort of activities that any other ordinary “non-violent” organisation would engage in.

There’s no doubting that the EDL have loved England. They’ve loved it so much they flew the cheapest and most tatty flags to prove it. The question was always, what exactly did they know about England, anyway? And why did they need the name of their beloved country printed on its national flag?

Less than a week on, the departure of Hel Gower is beginning to prove problematic for them. Helen has been using her position as co-owner, Dowager and Madame of the organisation to air its dirty linen to the public. Some of you (really? Own up if you are) will be surprised to hear that behind closed doors, the EDL is a bit racist. A bit homophobic, a little Anti-Semitic and quite wholly illiterate.

Who knows what will happen in Stevenage this weekend. No doubt there will be a few drunks ranting on about Muslims, but it really does seem Hel Gower is doing her best to destroy all that her beloved Stephen Lennon did not rip-off before he went to prison. The poor old EDL has even had to open a new twitter account because Helen insists on tweeting evidence that the leadership is racist and illiterate.

What a great friend Lennon has in loyal Helen.


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