EDL: It’s now open warfare

Matthew Collins - 05 06 14
Press release: Viz pissed themselves laughing

Press release: Viz pissed themselves laughing

As we have been reporting, things in the English Defence League (EDL) are dire.

This evening, the EDL’s Chairman Steve Eddowes issued a press release that is more aimed at the writers’ of Viz magazine, such is the comedy gold therein, than Fleet Street.

Eddowes has attacked Hel Gower for trying to destroy the EDL. Today the group’s website was also taken down, no doubt another result of Gower’s fury at being kicked out of the organisation.

Eddowes, is not happy. And whichever four year old he got to write his press release for him has captured his anger perfectly.

But in great adversity comes great humour. First of all, Eddowes seems to think it is July and not June on the date of his release. However, he is apparently very proud of the English tradition for “black humour”. The idea of anything black or intentionally humorous coming from the EDL is a joke.

Eddowes claims that he has been aware since the recent Rotherham demonstration that Gower has been trying to cause trouble inside the organisation. For someone who so prides himself on being a security aware person, he is in fact the last person to find out! Most people have thought ill of Gower since the inception of the EDL.

Eddowes is also finally aware of a north-south divide in the EDL, something we have written about for around three years.

I would go on and keep dissecting the nonsense of their arguments, but to be honest, it appears our readers know more about the EDL than the current moron running it does. So below, here is the press release by Eddowes, the chair of the EDL and security supremo.

To be honest, the bloke is so dopey it’s a surprise that Gower didn’t pinch his computer while he was writing it. Eddowes had to release it on the Leeds Division’s page on Facebook as he cannot get on the EDL’s main page!


The recent departure of Helen “Hel” Gower has brought with it attacks
on the EDL leadership including accusations of anti-semitism,
homophobia, and underhanded conduct. This press release addresses
those allegations and put to rest the many rumours that have been
circulating since her departure.

“Since being elected Chairman I have had to alter the way I do things
to a degree. As Head of Security my job was to be seen, yet not be
seen. As Chairman I am now very much in the public eye, and that is
alien to me. I’m finding it difficult to adapt. One element that I
have avoided in the past but that I now find myself embroiled in is
public spats on social media. Time and time again I have witnessed
these events- it seems some people are not happy unless they are
creating drama.

For the record, I have never nor will I ever air dirty washing in
public. I get no enjoyment from petty Facebook fisticuffs, but the sad
reality is some people thrive on it. They live for that sort of thing,
and when you take away the forum for that drama which is the EDL you
find that they were never loyal to the cause in the first place. The
sad thing is the EDL loses a lot of good people in the wake caused by
these spats. I have had it up to my neck with this! Hence I find
myself having no choice but to publicly respond to the campaign that
has been launched against me and the Regional Organisers.

Before I proceed I want to appeal to all those with whom I have done
business over the years. Those of you who have come to me in
confidence, I want to ask you- have I ever betrayed your confidence? I
ask that question safe in the knowledge that I know the answer. NEVER!
I have never betrayed anyone’s confidence.

My response to the allegation of underhandedness is simple- welcome to
the world of security. When a security threat materialises, you have
to resort to less palatable means to ensure the integrity of what you
are protecting. You do not approach a suspected risk and advertise
your intentions. That said, everything I have ever done has been for
the good of the EDL. I was given the job because I was trusted. I
could not betray that trust.

As Chairman, all of a sudden I have to get to know the people around
me on a personal level, which is very different from building a
picture of someone from a security perspective. Fact is I inherited a
very rocky ship, being blown around in rough seas, some might say on
the verge of sinking. One of the biggest problems was trust, or lack
of it. One of the biggest trust issues was the North/South divide.

The first objective in restoring trust and breaking the North/South
divide was getting to know who’s who, who’s with who, and who has a
vested interest in preserving that divide. Fast forward a few weeks
and things are going beyond anything I ever envisioned. I have however
identified the individual who is intent on keeping this divide firmly
in place. There are a lot of screenshots emerging and I believe there
will be recorded voice calls published in the near future. Some will
undoubtedly be real and some will be altered to suit the motives of
those who are publishing them.

It has taken a lot of hard work to climb over the obstacles that were
in my path at the start. The RO team is made up of sound people with
strong personalities and different opinions. Whilst all in my opinion
believe in the core Mission Statement of the EDL some have slightly
different takes on how we should portray ourselves and pursue our
goals. This provides for good debate and I feel it is vital to get a
balanced outlook on things. It also provides for some heated arguments
at meetings as we have agreed to air our thoughts openly, however at
odds they may be. This is because it is vital to be honest in
maintaining trust. Don’t forget that we are English, and black humour
comes naturally to us. We do not run our remarks through the PC filter
in any way so please take that into account when the next salvo lands.
Please feel free to contact me or your RO and we will be happy to
explain the truth of things.

Another allegation that has been made is that myself and the ROs wish
to exclude Jews and gays from the EDL. This is categorically untrue.
Everyone is welcome in the EDL regardless of sexuality, race or
religion. We have always supported Israel in their fight for national
survival against the very same forces of Islamic extremism we are
fighting here in Britain. Some of our leaders have wanted to place
greater emphasis on the “English” in the English Defence League. Some
have questioned Kosher slaughter methods as part of the debate over
halal. This in no way means we wish to exclude Jews from our
organisation, merely that we have a healthy debate on the issues we
undertake. That said, I have seen very little activity on the part of
the Jewish Division for some time now. The Jewish Division Facebook
page, which was recently taken down, was also relatively inactive and
I have been led to believe it was also under the control of Hel Gower,
hence it’s disappearance. Therefore I would like to extend an
invitation to anyone from the Jewish community who wishes to start a
new Jewish Division to contact me. I will be happy to discuss this
with you. You are still very welcome in this movement.

The same goes for the LGBT Division. Some members of the leadership
want to place more emphasis on the LGBT community, others less. This
debate in no way means we are “homophobic” or hostile to the gay
community. Quite the contrary. That said, other than Tommy English and
his mate, I have seen very little activity from them as well. I
believe Tommy English is speaking at Stevenage, and I hope to settle
this matter once and for all at that time.
In regards to Hel’s departure, the truth is she was asked to leave
after a unanimous vote with all but two ROs present. During the first
meeting I attended as Chairman, concerns were raised about Hel being a
risk to the EDL’s welfare. This split the room into two camps; those
who wanted her to stay, and those who wanted her gone. At the time I
was in her corner. It was agreed that her presence was causing
problems and a vote of no confidence was raised. This was watered down
to us requesting that she no longer post in her own name on EDL FB
pages, but for her to remain as the liaison to the media support
groups. At the time it was suggested that she might leave the EDL on
her own anyway when Tommy gets out from prison as her loyalty was
primarily to him, and not the EDL. She has since confirmed that to be
true. She referred to herself as “Team Tommy” (a “team” mind you, of
which she is the sole member), saying that despite his departure nine
months ago, the EDL is Tommy’s alone and that she would rather see it
destroyed than have it continue under the Committee’s leadership.
Despite our best efforts to convey the Committees’ wishes to her she
would not listen. It came to my attention prior to the Rotherham demo
that she was attempting to sabotage my leadership by stirring up
trouble amongst parties I had been trying to mediate. When I asked her
to stop she refused, telling me to “go fuck myself” and threatening to
take down the Facebook page, .org site, and media support groups. It
was at this point that I transitioned from Chairman to Head of
Security. Open threats of sabotage do not warrant a diplomatic
response, they warrant a security response. No one is going to hold
the EDL hostage. This is not Hel’s EDL, this is not Tommy’s EDL, it is

I have been and always will be a friend of Tommy’s. He does not want
to see the EDL destroyed, but neither does he want to reassume his
role in the EDL. He is not a part of the “Team Tommy” myth that Hel
has created. When Tommy left it was a massive hit, and we have had to
effectively start all over again. Well, we have started over again and
we are just as strong and determined as we were before. No amount of
petty personality disorders and soap opera theatrics can derail this
great organisation we have created. I have a keen desire to dispense
with the nonsense and get back to the business of defending our
country from the REAL threat. People come and go, but the EDL will
live on. In fact I am actively looking for a new Chairman, and have
been since I took the job. I am a footsoldier at heart and always will

God bless and NO SURRENDER!”


Eddowes: Nowt gets past the head of the brainstrust

Eddowes: Nowt gets past the head of the brainstrust


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