Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 12 06 14
Check your wrist watch: Cooper meets Golding

Check your wrist watch: Cooper meets Golding

When the British National Party (BNP) was serious about pretending to be a political party, they used to head up to Blackpool for a “conference”. Nick Griffin would stand at the door grubbily welcoming delegates, while up at the windows of their chosen venue, his moronic thugs would make unpleasant gestures at people outside.

They chose to hold their conferences at the Kimberley Hotel, which the BNP waxed lyrical about to their members as being some kind of Hilton for whites only.

Boycotting the hotel proved pointless as nobody ever wanted to stay there, anyway. Soon, shocked BNP members began complaining it was filthy and disgusting, but still the BNP persisted on going there because the owner was after all, “one of us.”

Yesterday the owner was jailed, finally, for running what sounds like little more than a filthy death trap for years. During the whole time the BNP used it, it was only every given a cleaning once-by two BNP members from the north who gave the toilets a forensic cleaning just in case the police were ever called to investigate allegations about their behaviour. Of course, they never were.

Such disregard for the members has been a particular slant of Nick Griffin’s leadership. I’m surprised he didn’t try and tie in conferences held at the Kimberley with their “dead member” package.

It appears that the knives are really out in the BNP for Griffin, finally. What with everyone waiting for the opportunity to make their move, it has rather bizarrely, been left to Kevin Layzell to fire the first shot, lamenting on his Facebook page that the party’s founder, the Hitler admirer John Tyndall, would be “turning in his grave if he could see what his party had been reduced to.”

Not that Kevin ever met Tyndall. He was about 9 when Tyndall popped his jackboots otherwise he would know that is not entirely true of Tyndall. When Tyndall ran the party it was a tiny Jew-hating sect of Holocaust deniers, perverts and weirdoes. So in fact he would heartily approve of its current state. And as long as it remains tiny, so do I.

It seems I may have missed a trick about the meeting of Britain First’s Jim Dowson and Liberty’s Paul Weston which I reported last week. It seems Dowson has appointed Weston’s former sidekick Lee Cooper as party Chairman.

Lee’s full name is Lee Tang-Cooper. He was involved in UKIP for a few years and later became the communications director of Weston’s disastrous British Freedom Party, the political wing of the English Defence league. Whilst that was falling apart he registered a new political party website called the New Dawn Party.

Welcome Lee, you’ve probably just becomes the world’s most gullible fall-guy.

Little Kev: he's made a (poor) start, bless him

Little Kev: he’s made a (poor) start, bless him


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