Fun in the sun with the Hun

Matthew Collins - 23 06 14
White man's music: It never is, you know...

White man’s music: It never is, you know…

One of the longest surviving Nazi groups in this country is the British Movement (BM). Yes, if you have a bonehead and lust for lederhosen, this thoroughly un-British back-water for Hitler admirers is a must.

The “BM” has of course, seen better days. Nowadays they just hang around in near secrecy-since the world is run by Jews, but they do manage to get out occasionally and sit around the odd inhalant making plans for world domination.

The BM had its better days in the late seventies when most kids idled away their leisure time making model aircraft neatly packaged by those kind folks at Airfix. Most of us liked to build the model of the Spitfire, that hastily cobbled-together destroyer of the Nazi bombers and fighter planes that blighted the skies of Blighty during the Second World War.

For British Movement kids, Airfix also obliged by supplying models of Nazi planes, but the best thing was, for the BM kids, the glue that came with the model making kits. One whiff of the stuff and you were positively climbing the walls in your jack boots. Like the BM, sadly, making model aeroplanes appears to be a bit of a past time these days.

So, there wasn’t a lot of glue at the British Movement’s shindig named “Sunwheel” in Yorkshire on the weekend, but there was camping, big boots, boneheads, warm lager and lots of young kids getting sun burnt. Obviously, getting too much sun is a bad thing if you want to be part of the Aryan master race; a little bit of pink in the face is good, but going brown is very, very bad.

The 'good' Nazi parents: Brooks and Pinkham

The ‘good’ Nazi parents: Brooks and Pinkham

And so it came to pass that two Mothers (no less) came to blows over the care and consideration of the children.

Yes, that’s right; while the kids were playing the mothers were fighting, apparently over who was the best mother of white offspring. For obvious reason we cannot show too much about what we know about the incident, but we can say that in one corner was Danni Brooks, partner of the dubious and out on license Liam Pinkham and in the other was Janni Hägglund, better known as Janet Haggerty, the partner of senior British Movement figure John “Benny” Hill.

Stir it up: How the NF saw it and enjoyed it

Stir it up: How the NF saw it and enjoyed it

Brooks launched into Haggerty whilst her friends from the National Front cheered her on. Brooks is of course now bragging that she did what she did because Haggerty is a bad mother. Never mind that Haggerty’s child (by Brooks’ own admission) saw the whole thing.

How Jeremy Kyle missed this event is beyond belief. Let’s just hope for Liam’s sake that the probation service do not find out that he was there, either…


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