Paul Golding, you are a hate preacher

Matthew Collins - 16 07 14
Hate Preacher: Golding and his bin-bag Brigade today

Hate Preacher: Golding and his bin-bag Brigade today

Paul Golding, the clown-like leader of the paramilitary nazis of Britain First has just issued a video statement from the steps of Bexleyheath police station in Kent.

Surrounded by his band of bin-bag clad “Crusaders”, Golding complains that the police have raided houses associated with his gang and he is there expecting to be arrested. Something he is obviously, extremely proud of.

The raids followed Golding’s visit to a Mosque in Crayford, Kent, last Sunday, where he and his gang attempted to “stand over” the Imam of the Mosque and demand he removed signage that Golding claims offended him and all womankind because they are, in his opinion, sexist.

Like most of Golding’s stunts, it drew widespread criticism in the liberal media-Golding, of course, saw nothing wrong with his stunt. As well as being a lager-swilling “Christian” crusader, Hitler admirer and thug, it appears that Golding is now the self-appointed spokesperson for women’s rights in this country.

Golding, who claims he is no longer a racist, is out to cure all of the ills in this country. Terrorism and sexism are top of his list apparently. However, it appears that terrorism and sexism only need addressing by Paul and his gang if they can pin them (wrongly) on the Muslim community.

Speaking directly into the camera Golding complains that the police used dogs to raid “family homes” for what he admits could be taken as “intimidation or harassment, something like that”.

Having admitted he intimidated and harassed members of the Muslim community, bizarrely, Golding accuses the police of “appeasing” his victims!!

Let’s make this clear to dear Paul. He claims to be a Christian out to stop grooming of children, yet neither Paul or his bin-bag brigade have ever been to a church (of any denomination) to question or complain to Priests/pastors or vicars about well publicised cases of child abuse in both the Church of England or the Catholic Church.

No person of faith would ever condone the intimidation of people of other faiths like which Golding engages in. Why does Golding seem so obsessed with only Muslim cases of grooming/child abuse?

I would guess it is because the majority of Muslims in this country are non-whites and some Imams, often stranded at the mercy of Golding and his gang, do not always have the greatest grasp of the English language.

But Golding persists that he is a “Christian Crusader” spreading the word. He is the idiot who told one Imam in Bradford to “embrace” Jesus Christ. His offsider, the failed recruitment consultant who claims to have read the Quran, failed to step in and tell Paul that Muslims do “embrace” Jesus Christ, he is a prophet and a messenger of God.

How could Paul get it so wrong? And what of the hundreds of single sex Christian schools around the country? And what of Christian Churches that also have separate entrances for men and women? And then there are public toilets to contend with.

And how about people who collect money under the auspicious of being an official armed forces charity?

Britain First is an affront to all of Britain; people of faith and people of none. Whilst Golding is hanging around outside a police station waiting for the police to come outside and arrest him, his mate Jim Dowson is waiting by a telephone to cash in on people’s outrage at poor Paul’s plight.

Like the EDL and like the BNP from where this mob of racists came, they are the greatest recruiter for the likes of Anjem Choudary.

Is it any wonder, like nobody else, Choudary likes Britain First?

Choudary: Like Dowson, cashing in on Paul's hatred

Choudary: Like Dowson, cashing in on Paul’s hatred


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