No BNP bloodletting, yet

Matthew Collins - 22 07 14
Adam Walker: Best man for the top job?

Adam Walker: Best man for the top job?

Yesterday we reported that Nick Griffin had stepped down as the leader of the British National Party (BNP) to be replaced by Adam Walker. We had twice before reported that Griffin was facing mounting internal pressure to resign and even named names last month in what had amounted to a faction within the party pressing for him to go.

The party constitution (which appears and vanishes from the BNP website intermittently) has enshrined in it that in this eventuality, Griffin receives a £25,000 pay off. Wisely, for Griffin, he stepped down under pressure and allowed Adam Walker to replace him. If there is one person in the party more lazy, inept, untrustworthy and disliked than Griffin, it is Walker himself. if there is one person who has tried to bleed and squeeze more money out of the party than Walker, they are yet to be found.

But if Adam Walker believes he has truly replaced Griffin as leader of the party, he is sadly mistaken. He’d have to hire a large removal truck and go searching under Griffin’s dog kennel to find party property still worth looting. He could of course attempt to remove the extension to the Griffin home that the party paid for, but Adam’s most pressing task is to keep himself employed. Last week he received his final five week pay-off from his job as a European Parliamentary Researcher and he is in the real world, almost totally unemployable.

What Griffin has done, is to allow Walker and his followers to shove him off centre stage for the next twelve months while Griffin goes traveling to dream up new and stupid ideas to resurrect his position next year. Walker has about twelve months in the job before even his own faction will want him gone. Griffin may be an oaf and a buffoon, but already the media is revelling in delight at Walker’s track record of violence and stupidity. Griffin has also in place his own loyalists, hugely stacked against Walker and his friends.

Angus Matthys: First for the chop?

Angus Matthys: First for the chop?

While Walker is likely to push at first, just for the removal of Griffin’s incompetent and almost comically inept son in law Angus Matthys from the party payroll to free up some cash, Dawn Charlton, Jenny Matthys (nee Griffin) and Clive Jefferson will also be in his sights. Walker’s hatred of this group stems from being excluded from a series of schemes they tried amongst themselves to secrete monies during Griffin’s tenure.

Behind Walker is a series of dysfunctional party functionaries; Steve Squire a Soho-based sex shop owner accused of selling date-rape drugs, Donna Treanor, who appears to have previously been some kind of victim of revenge-porn and Kevin Layzell, a rather wooden and monotone youth with a fetish for fancy dress and writing self-congratulatory praise of himself on the party website. Between them, they are believed to be pushing Peter Molloy to stand against Griffin next year, or if Griffin tries to push his daughter Jennifer forward for the post, than Treanor instead will stand. Jennifer has long been groomed to replace her father

Jenny Matthys: Griffin's precious daughter

Jenny Matthys: Griffin’s precious daughter

That’s hardly a heady group of illustrious choices for the party’s vanishing membership to elect in his place and so Griffin is, according to our source, quite prepared to allow Walker and his friends on a wrecking spree while he recharges his batteries. There’s also plenty of monies left to ensure Griffin won’t go hungry over the next twelve months which will ensure he’ll still get a stipend from the party greater than Walker.

In a statement issued last night Griffin wrote “Adam will be a fine leader, but elections are won by in-depth community work, talking with and helping voters on their doorsteps and collecting postal votes, not by waving magic wands or switching leaders” which is apparently only slightly as bitter as he was when he stormed out of the leadership meeting over the weekend.

Griffin had been accused of running the party into the ground and ignoring the aspirations of other BNP candidates during his last two years in office while he oversaw the party’s almost complete destruction and of course, their absolute humiliation in the wake of the murder of Lee Rigby.

Simon Darby is today trying desperately to get both Griffin and Walker interviewed on television and next week will be trying to flog Griffin’s long awaited autobiography to publishers.

If he does, and it is an honest tale, it will be full of stories about drug dealers, pornography, dodgy foreign friends, dodgy foreign trips, curry house car parks, glass dining room tables, why he charges guests a quid for a cup of tea and of course, the Zionist conspiracy that has unseated him.

Now let the bloodletting begin.

Steve Squire: The pornographer backing Walker

Steve Squire: The pornographer backing Walker


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