Dissecting the new Fuhrer

Matthew Collins - 23 07 14

“Many of you will already know me. For some years I have been the BNP National Organiser leading our street protests, for example demanding the restoration of capital punishment for the killers of Lee Rigby, while others will know me for my union work as a former president of the nationalist union Solidarity.”

This is true. Adam Walker is very well known to people. He is the idiot who got in his car and chased after some children and slashed their bicycle tyres with a knife. We don’t just know Adam, it’s fairer to say he is infamous. In his capacity as National Organiser of the BNP, Walker presided over the almost complete demise of its activist base. Not only that, his “campaign” against the killers of Lee Rigby was the appalling chanting through a megaphone outside of their court case at the Old Bailey that led to the family of Rigby abandoning their press statement on the steps of the court.

Solidarity is a scab union. So he’s also a scab.

“I am honoured to have been selected to replace Nick Griffin and lead the BNP in this exciting new era.”

Honoured? Nobody else in their right mind would employ him. As for an exciting new era, we look forward to a series of expulsions and employment tribunals in the near future.

“My leadership style is likely to be very different from that of my predecessor because we are very different people. I will be pleased to listen to Nick’s views alongside all the activists and supporters of the British National Party. Having taken those views into account I will make my own mind up and my own decisions.”

Well, that’s just simply code for ‘I promise not to be as daft and obnoxious as Griffin.’ There’s as much chance of Walker listening to Griffin as there is of Griffin giving Walker access to the party’s bank accounts. “Having taken those views into account I will make my own mind up and my own decisions” is basically saying Walker will ignore Griffin in pretty much the same way Griffin has ignored Walker for the last three years.

“My primary focus is reconnecting the BNP with the ordinary person in the street. That means that any extremist language or dogma is unwelcome. Nationalism is about promoting the interests of the people. The people are always right, and I want to build a popular and genuine nationalist alternative to the rotten old political parties without compromising any of our core BNP principles.”

Probably the most interesting thing in the statement. The party will remain as racist as ever, but Walker is not a fan of Griffin’s recent slide into the gutter of far-right politics by hanging around with all kinds of vermin. He’ll probably insist on wearing some kind of army uniform to branch meetings…

“The BNP enjoys huge support from the British public and it’s my principal aim to convert that huge support into votes and real electoral success.”

I never knew it, but I guess he is a funny bugger after all.

“My message will be very much centred on those key concerns. As a former military man, I want to instil discipline, professionalism and careful planning in to all aspects of BNP work. I will be drawing on the energy and passion of all our members and supporters to assist me in my work.”

There you go. Yes, he was in the army. He was also a teacher, but he has not mentioned that yet..

“I am the leader of the BNP, but in truth, the BNP is run by a team of which I am just the captain. Like a football team, we all have different roles but we all share a common goal, and like a football team we are in competition with other teams – in our case, the other
political parties. We cannot afford to miss open goals, and it’s vital that we put the ball in the back of the net every time. We’re playing to win, and we want the title!”

Oh dear, running out of things to write, Adam Walker almost goes as far as to describe being as sick as a parrot.. The BNP a football team? Well, given their recent form I suppose comparisons to the England team were bound to surface. Of course, the BNP does not support the England team due to their being too many black footballers therein. Adam thinks he’s going to do a Roy of the Rovers but alas for poor Adam, the party is actually more akin to a bunch of mindless football thugs. Still, perhaps he wants to turn the clock right back…

The England football in 1936

The England football in 1936

“You’re going to be seeing a lot of me because I am someone who is very hands on, and who likes to lead from the front. It is an exciting time for me personally, and I hope this fresh start will provide people with the opportunity they need join our party – or to rejoin it.”

What he means there is, he’ll be charging you for driving wherever he wants to go. It could be the chippy, it could be Whitley Bay. They’re still recovering in the North East BNP from his latest demands for reimbursement for little or no activity on their behalf.

“In the coming months I will be listening to and drawing on the experience and knowledge of our BNP members and officials, and together we can move on to greater things.”

Yes, what he means here is ‘I’m going to sack that bastard Clive Jefferson.’

And in ending his first address to the deserting membership, Adam Walker concludes:

“Once again, I’m proud of the great honour of serving the fine members of the BNP in this role.”

He’s just as daft as the last bloke.


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