NF flop in Oxford

Matthew Collins - 28 07 14
Luke Pippin:  NF idiot

Luke Pippin: NF idiot

The sun was shining in beautiful and historic Oxford on Saturday, tourists and locals alike were soaking up the glorious day. What more could they want?

Oh yeah, a visit from 35 Nazis from the National Front trying to spread their bile. Their “demonstration” was as pathetic as their turnout! They were not a happy bunch as it was made immediately clear to them that they were not welcome in Oxford…just like they’re not welcome anywhere.

The boneheaded gang of bad babysitters were due to meet in the Four Candles pub on George Street but arrived to find it closed due to “unforeseen circumstances”. The management, to their huge credit, took the decision on Friday night on hearing who would otherwise be contaminating their bar. Instead the assorted Nazis gathered in the Eurobar by the bus garage. Various Trade Union & Anti-Fascist groups had joined forces to block their path and outnumbered them 4 to 1.

Four Antifascists were arrested when they broke away from the main group and tried to confront the NF from the bus garage. Their charges ranging from attempted Theft (of an NF Flag) to obstruction. The large numbers of Police had kettled the counter demonstration and then led the Nazis on their 600 yard walk of shame to St.Ebbes Street where they simply embarrassed themselves further with their ramblings, which included calling David Cameron a Paedophile.

Like most Nazi groups do, the NF complained that they weren’t allowed to reach their original demo site of Bonn Square and so threatened to take their ranting and hideous selves to the next town… and then the next…and then the next …

The NF were supposed to be protesting about child grooming, but failed to mention another of their members has just been convicted for being a paedophile. Strange that, isn’t it?

Rally: The NF try to rally their morons

Rally: The NF try to rally their morons


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