Where now for Godless Golding?

Matthew Collins - 28 07 14
Golding: Chief of the binbag brigade

Golding: Chief of the binbag brigade

News broke yesterday that Jim Dowson had abandoned his baby, Britain First. Dowson had failed in his quest to build a street army of Christian Crusaders. Instead they look like a bunch of silly kids in binbags, further from God they could not be.

On hearing of his departure, a rather startled looking Paul Golding gave a Youtube rant where he conceded to Dowson’s wishes and claimed the group would stop invading mosques. They would, instead, return to harassing Muslim hate preachers. Golding claimed earlier in the video that Britain First had driven Muslim hate preachers from the streets, but by the end of the video conceded that they were still there…

Britain First wished Jim well, yesterday. “We will miss him enormously and we as a movement are much the poorer without him…We wish him and his family all the best for the future.”

Obviously, that was before they saw Jim’s interview with the Daily Mirror where he described Golding and co as just as bad as Anjem Choudary, the person Golding loves stalking the most.

“I think he is fooling himself and lots of people that Britain First is a Christian group. Sadly, it has just become a violent front for people abusing the Bible.

“I think they’re becoming as much a problem as [Muslim activist] Anjem Choudary who they claim to oppose. They are just as bad as each other” he told the Mirror.

Well, who would have thought it? People are saying they doubt that Dowson has had an epiphany regarding his own views, which do remain quite hateful. In fact, he has said nothing otherwise.

Golding: knickers in a twist

Golding: knickers in a twist

For the past two weeks Dowson has been criticising Israel which has put him somewhat out of sync with Golding. It seems that Golding believed he was actually bigger and better than his paymaster, and just would not listen.

How Golding will cope without Dowson’s offices to avail himself to we shall wait and see. Word on the street is that Andy McBride, another former BNP high flyer has also left the group.

For Dowson, believed to now be on holiday in Europe somewhere, he has to face the likelihood of going to prison in the near future for his other activities in Northern Ireland.

Sweaty and angry, Golding shouted into his Youtube vide “I’m not Tommy Robinson or Nick Griffin.”

On that, we all agree. So did Jim.

Dowson's timeline

Dowson’s timeline


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