Re-writing BNP history has already begun

Matthew Collins - 10 08 14
Griffin: Too many foreign firends

Griffin: Too many foreign firends

The British National Party (BNP) often struggles with history. It’s the whole truth thing, what with the truth about history being quite a hurdle when you want to repeat so many of its most dastardly events.

For the new British National Party Leader, Adam Walker, there is a hell of a lot of history he would like us to forget.

The party is however no stranger to re-writing history, it has invested an enormous amount of its forty odd years doing just that. And now it is the turn of Adam to do just the same.

At the moment he is trying to gloss over/hide the fact that he was once married to a Japanese woman, but more pressingly, he is interested in totally re-writing his own part in Nick Griffin’s blighted and departed administration.

In an email that went out to members and supporters on Friday evening, Walker has taken the first shot in ensuring Griffin’s name is forever associated with BNP failure and mismanagement.

Says Walker, in true BNP fashion; “I love my country and my people, and I have an absolute conviction that what we are doing is not just right, but vital for the survival of our nation, our people and to secure a future for British children.”

Attack: Walker's first real dig at Griffin's legacy

Attack: Walker’s first real dig at Griffin’s legacy

Of course, that conviction for British children includes chasing after some young boys on bikes and slashing their tyres with a knife. And also, for the Nazis in the party, that was very nearly the immortal “14 Words” Nazi mantra at the end there, too.

But what really grinded Adam’s dodgy gear box, was Nick Griffin’s constant trips to visit other Nazis and Patrick Harrington’s secret assignments. “We are the British National Party, not the European National Party!” He writes. So, no cheap fags and booze from Brussels for party functions any more, folks!

Walker writes that he wants to talk openly “about why we lost our way and how I intend to go about putting us back on the right track.” Well, we all know what happened there, don’t we? Everyone (but Walker), had their hands in the cookie jar. Poor Adam couldn’t even squeeze twenty five quid out of Mrs Griffin for new tyres!

So, Adam lets us have it. “When we won seats in Europe we spread our best people too thinly, some found a “wider” cause that they continue to fight for abroad – NOT ME – and yes, for a time we fought amongst ourselves and lost many good people.”

Well, that’s true. Whilst Griffin etc were all pissing it up on the European gravy train, Adam was somewhat shunned from trips to Europe. He and his brother Mark were told to stay at home and not complain. Mark got so bored, he just ran off to work in his wife’s pet shop without the telling the party. Some might say that was theft..

“Those” who went to fight for the “wider” cause, is of course, Nick Griffin. Griffin had his best chum Pat Harrington sniffing around Europe for train and plane tickets to take him anywhere there was a free luncheon and an opportunity to get a youtube video done. What really irks Walker is that Griffin was supposed to be home in the UK when Lee Rigby was murdered and not in some seedy bar in Strasbourg with his foreign chums.

Walker’s also referring to Griffin’s glamour trips to Russia, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Syria, Germany and Kent which served no purpose other than expanding Griffin’s waistline and perennial hangovers. Thankfully, Walker does not make a mention of those “secret” trips to the South West of England that Griffin frequently made.

These trips writes Adam, “turned away from OUR roots, OUR people, OUR country, and it hurt us!” No need for the exclamation mark, Adam. We hear you!! Plus, you did once say that “Wogs begin at Calais” upon being told Griffin was looking to buy a French farmhouse, didn’t you? But he goes on…

Harrington: Did what he wanted

Harrington: Did what he wanted

“I intend to see the BNP leading the way again – in Britain – back fighting for the rights of OUR people, those people forgotten, abandoned bit by bit and sacrificed on the altar of diversity and silenced by the bullwhip of political correctness.”

Just to reiterate probably, that Griffin is probably pissed up in one of those holiday homes he has inexplicably come into possession of. And of course the attack on political correctness is obvious; both Adam and Mark Walker are banned from teaching because of their actions…

“We must again champion the silent majority “putting British people first every time” as we once did. We must be seen, and seen taking positive action on issues that actually matter to our people.”

Adam sounds terribly serious about this. Let’s hope there is no more talk about a senior BNP official having their appendage enlarged with company money, then.

So there you have it; Not for Adam swanning around Europe and the world with a pint in hand, no not at all. He’s going to stay at home and continue doing what the BNP do best.

Adam is going to put the BNP back on the British map. Probably where Scotland used to be.

He’ll get straight to it as soon as he gets back from Japan…

Harrington: Did what he wanted

Harrington: Did what he wanted


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