Will Griffin get his groove back?

Matthew Collins - 19 08 14
Midnight Cowboys: Derek with his new hero,  Adam

Midnight Cowboys: Derek with his new hero, Adam

Many people have been wondering whether the change of leadership in the British National Party is real or just cosmetic.

Those who know the current leader Adam Walker are adamant that he is incapable of even dressing himself properly let alone running a political party.

Walker’s detractors (and there are many) also point to the fact that Walker has been heavily influenced in the past by Patrick Harrington, Griffin’s long term friend and advisor.

The longer Walker remains in post however, the more it appears that he is definitely digging in for the long haul. Or at least until the members get to vote on it next July.

On the question of Walker being an unelected leader, he has quite rightly pointed out that this is not unusual for any political party. He does however in an interview with the party’s website say “should a leader resign or get shot…”

Yes, he does have foot-in-mouth syndrome that’s for sure.

The party is certainly doing its best to build Adam up for the members. This morning there is a glowing tribute to Adam by Derek Adams, the party “stalwart” from Manchester.

You will recall it was the Manchester and Salford branches of the BNP who had a falling out in the run up to the elections about the behaviour of Nick Griffin and the description of the Griffin Klan by some as being “leeches”.

Derek has now written an article for the party website stating “Adam is a disciplinarian, probably due to his army training, yet he also has the ability to listen to the views of activists and take them into account, this party really does need some sort of order and Adam is just the man to provide the way forward. ”

Derek's glowing tribute to Adam.

Derek’s glowing tribute to Adam.

Yes, Adam likes a bit of discipline. Maybe it is why he was so close to Harrington and his missus, Miss Bondage. Maybe it was the same love of discipline that saw him pull a knife on some young kids and earn himself a life time teaching ban, too.

And he continues: “Adam is a superb political strategist and I would rather have him on my side during an election campaign than working against me, he works tirelessly for this party and nationalism in general.”

Well, that is bizarre. Under Walker as party manager the BNP as good as ground to a halt. Maybe that was his strategy, but sitting at home sulking for nearly three years really was, Derek, working against you. Just ask Yorkshire region why he would not go and visit them unless he got handsomely reward by the party.

It seems since he took over as Chairman Walker no longer has a problem with travel. Obviously, he writes his won cheques now one most presume. “In less than one month Adam has already visited many groups demonstrating his leadership talents culminating with a recent visit to Scotland.”

Sit down Derek, you must be getting breathless and Adam getting a little uncomfortable with all of this love and adulation. But hats off to Adam. He made it all the way to Scotland and demonstrated his leadership potential in doing so. I mean, Scotland, it’s like a foreign country! Did Adam march there, walk there, get the bus or train or perhaps, drive there? Either way, what a brave and simple bastard he is for doing it. I know those Nazis who haven’t yet popped their clogs will be beside themselves in wonder at the brave deeds of the disgraced former school teacher making it all the way to Scotland. Where next? Shrewsbury? There just is no limit to Adam’s capabilities. Did they lock up their kids in Scotland when they heard he was going? I know I would.

The climax of Derek’s spectacular grovel is his final declaration of love for his new Fuhrer: “I was totally loyal to the leadership of this party under Nick Griffin and I wish to publicly state that Adam has my complete confidence to take this party to new heights and I now offer my loyalty to Adam Walker.”

Derek has now gone for a lie down. He’s had his five time a night moment about Walker.

For those who are not so enamoured with the new leader, there was a trip to Wales on the weekend to visit the former Fuhrer, Nick Griffin. Interestingly it appears that Walker had a spy in the camp (held in the Griffin family home’s extension that the party paid for.) As a result of his disloyalty, Alwyn Deacon finds himself on the naughty doorstep and in fear of now losing his job with the party.

Walker responded to Deacon’s treachery in attending a Griffin family Christening and war cabinet meeting, by having all trace of Deacon’s Exacalibur merchandinding removed from the party website and is now looking to close the party’s office in Nuneaton, from where Deacon flogs old ashtrays and pairs of dirty socks in the party’s name.

Deacon: Still feels the love for Griffin

Deacon: Still feels the love for Griffin


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