Mucky Eddy blames the Jews

Matthew Collins - 31 08 14
O'Sullivan: Mucky and stupid

O’Sullivan: Mucky and stupid

One of the BNP’s daftest and most unhygienic members is Eddy O’Sullivan. He’s the guy who proved 9/11 never actually happened without even having to leave his grotty home to do the research.

In February of this year Eddy was the BNP’s (thrashed) candidate in the Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election. He does not like Jews. So when I said he proved 9/11 never happened, what I mean is, he actually proved that Jews did it. Without even having to leave his grotty house.

For the last few days he has been (as usual) using his social media to predict a race war. Eddy’s idea of a good race war is one where lots of Jews get murdered. Never mind the patriotism, Eddy is quite clear that Britain fought on the wrong side in World War Two as well. I’m pretty certain that Eddy would have fought for Nazi Germany if he could have got out of bed in time.

Is it any wonder nobody votes for these traitors, perverts and weirdoes? No.

Blaming the Jews for everything

Blaming the Jews for everything


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